Porter Five Force Analysis of Indian Food Processing Industry

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Porter’s five force analysis of food processing industry| MARKETING STRATEGY|

Table of Contents
Introduction of Report3
Research Objective4
Introduction of Food Processing Industry4
The History of Food Processing Industry4
Supply chain of food processing industry and factor affecting each activity5
Food processing5
Indian Food Processing Industry7
History of food processing Industry in India7
Current Market Overview9
Indian Food Processing Industry Performance11
Food Processing Sector overview11
Major Players of Food Processing Industry14
Indian Food Processing Companies Profiles14
Major Indian player in Food processing Industry Overview15
MTR Foods Limited Profile16
Parle Limited Profile17
Dabur India Limited Profile17
Porter Five Forces Analysis for Indian Food Processing Analysis18
Threat of Entry (high)19
Rivalry between Established Competitors (low)21
Bargaining Power of Buyers (low)23
Bargaining Power of Suppliers (low)25
Threat of Substitutes (high)26


I take the opportunity, while presenting this report and to express my gratitude to all those who afford their valuable help and time to help me to complete the project successfully. A number of people provided us their assistance, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Without them this project would not have been possible. Firstly, I would like to thank our institute IIPM and our honorable prof. partho sir for giving me such an opportunity to work on such a project.i got a chance to put all our classroom theories and practices for understanding and analyzing the working of the real Indian scenario. Introduction of Report

This report provides an overview of our food production and consumption system, its impacts on the environment and its vulnerability to environmental problems and resource constraints. The aim of the report is to identify any significant challenges to the future security of the food system in India that arise from environmental and resource issues, and the risks, constraints and social or political responses to these. The report also considers a range of response strategies being developed and explored at various points across the food system. The ‘food system’ includes the interdependent parts of the system that provides food for local consumption and for export. It includes all the components and processes by which food is produced (grown and/or processed), stored and distributed, delivered to end-consumers and consumed (including further processing and storage) – as well as all the processes that deal with waste along the ‘food chain’ The report covers an overview of the Indian food processing industry. The report will focus on the dynamics of the industry, the market segments, the growth of the sectors in India and what are the challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing. On the competitive landscape, the report lays out the major food processing companies that functions within the Indian industry and the strategies these companies are following to capture the major chunk of the market share. The concluding part of the report covers the drivers of the industry and the future Prospects of the food processing industry in India. Research Objective

To analyze the market share of organized Food Processing sector compare to other unorganized Food Processing sector To study the future growth of food processing in india
To study the sustainability of Indian food processing industry To study the resources and the constraints of the Indian food processing industry To study the effect of MNC’s in the Indian food processing industry To study the driving forces those are affecting Indian food processing industry

Introduction of Food Processing Industry

The History of Food Processing Industry

The origin of...

Bibliography: http://dahd.nic.in/order/mmpo.doc
Standards Bill, 2005, is available at: http://mofpi.nic.in/foodsfty.htm
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