Politics in Pakistan

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Advantage of Semester System1. The greatest advantage of this system is that it reduces the load on the studentsand Inculcates regular study habits.2. Since academic year is divided into 2 semesters it provides upward mobility - the Student can clear the backlog in one or many subjects even after moving to the next semester.3. Best part is that it enables the students to learn at their own pace.4. Well if you compare it to an annual system, it keeps students busy all year round with the same level of burden instead of the piling up of work at the end of the year.5. In semester system, Student all time attach with study. Studies which is good for the Students.6. The main advantage of semester system. Student busy all the year. He know, If he Does not study, he will fail. >> Easy learning >> Attach with studies.>> Remain in class>> No absence.>> Grip on knowledge.>> Respect of teachers increases.>> Scheduled work plan.Disadvantage of Semester SystemAs a disadvantage of the Semester system, I would point out the lack of recovery that students can make due to limited time, in comparison to Annual systems.Time is too short in Semester system. Students don’t understand many chapters. Today the topic under discussion is the topic which is being frequently discussed by us since the Karnataka University introduced the semester scheme for the degree courses. I strongly believe that semester scheme is extremely beneficial for the students. It is a sign that we are marching towards the development because almost all the developed countries have adopted the semester scheme which means this system must be having some unique qualities which are favorable for the students. First of all, the semester based method makes teaching and learning more scientific. It is good for the students as the syllabus is broken up into units that are to be learnt in a specific time frame. Moreover, as testing and evaluation are done in a continuous manner student can be...
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