Parents’ Involvement and Child's Education

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What do you think of parents’ involvement and child's education? Are those closely related? The answer is, of course those are. It’s already become a common sense that “Parents are a child’s first teachers” (Latour 98). This is meaning that parents play an extremely important role in a child’s lives. Children learn whatever their parents did when they were born, parents are their most important role models. Parents can affect a child in many ways, include children’s education. Therefore, parenting has a lot of influences on children’s education. Parents’ involvement is very important; it can improve children’s education. Children’s grade will not be so good without their parents’ help, and they may be able to fail the school. On the contrary, if parents can involving and participating in their children’s school, it can let their children gain more interest in school, get better grade and being more confident. So it’s definitely had a good influence. A good parent should participate in their children’s education. Children who don’t have their parents’ help with their school will have a bad result on their studies. Children need their parents, of course. If parents don’t care about their child’s studies, child may lose their interest in school, or they may able to get a lower grade. According to the research, 89 percent of children who usually get an “A” or “B” on their class say that their parents always help them with their homework, but 49 percent of children who usually get an “C” or less on their class say that their parents don’t have an interest in their school work (Holcomb 174). This research shows that parents really have an influence on their children’s grade. Even if parents don’t have much knowledge, they can encourage their children in their education. As long as parents are around at their children, it will be a good motivation for their child. So if students want a higher grade on their school work, they may need to ask their parents to help...

Bibliography: Brown, Lakeia. “A Smart Mom’s Guide to Brilliant Kids.” Essence. 42.5 (2011): 106-108. Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 May 2012
This article discusses some guides for parents about how to do to improve their children’s education. Children who have a very helpful parent can let them get a high score. According to the article, parents’ involvement in children’s education is very important.
Holcomb, Betty. “Why You Should Be In Your Child’s School.” Good Housekeeping 227.3 (1998): 174 Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 May 2012
This article is about why parents should be involved in their children’s education. The relationship between parenting and children’s education is very close. The author uses an example of students in high school in Washington to explain the importance of the parents’ involvement. The author also gives some suggestions about how parents can involve themselves in their children’s education.
Hutchison, Susan. “Parenting for Potential.” Independent School 66.3 (2007): 132. Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 May 2012
This article presents the importance of lifelong learning. Children will learn what parents did and copy parents’ actions, so it’s important for parents to be good role models. The author gives eight points about how to focus on lifelong learning.
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