Outcast United and the World Around Us

Topics: University, Gender role, Police Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Outcast United and the World around Us
As I am reading the book Outcast United by Warren St. James, he talks about many prevalent issues in our society. There is one particular chapter in the book that sticks out to me in my mind whenever I think back to the book. In chapter eight titled “they’re in America now not Africa” we learn of a well to do man named Chime. Chime has come to Clarkston from Nigeria and has made a great living with his insurance company. Not only had Chime done well for himself. He was well known and well liked in the community as well. In this chapter we also meet Timothy Jordan, a troubled cop with a past. He was fired from his old police duties for excessive use of force. Chime is pulled over for no reason and as Jordan approaches his car, he begins to become flustered and starts to accuse Chime of not taking his orders even though Chime has done everything he asked and is being respectful. Jordan uses excessive force and takes Chime down to the ground. We come to find out Jordan only pulled him over because of Chimes skin color. Because Chime is an immigrant, Jordan feels more rage towards him (because of his discrimination) and acts irrationally. As I was looking through CNN.com I came across an article that reminded me of this same situation. Recently a college freshman at University of Southern Alabama was shot dead by a campus police. Another article I came across on the Missouri State website was an article about anger management in men. As I have read both of these articles, they totally reminded me of chapter 8.

In the article of the college student being shot by a campus police I was startled to think this could be a true story. At about 1:23 am an unnamed campus police officer heard a loud noise outside of the campus police station. As the officer came outside to check up on the ruckus, he came across Gilbert Thomas Collar, a freshman that lives on campus. The officer says he found Collar naked and he was challenging...
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