Organizational Motivation Plan

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1 - Organizational Motivation Plan
Employee Motivation Plan
Every manager, director, or leader who exercises leadership activities within their daily business is seeking solutions to make teams more productive while also ensuring that they are focused on the goals of the area in which they operate. Most importantly, they also make sure that these teams are committed to the organization's strategic objectives. When one talks about productivity, the terms ‘focus’ and ‘commitment’ are basically interconnected with the motivation level of employees. Many managers spend hours wondering: "Why are my teams lagging behind in productivity?" There are times when good salaries are not enough to motivate and retain good professionals in companies. The factors that motivate the professionals at work are good relationships with people at work, professional recognition and the ability to work with what they like. Salary and capital accumulation does not appear even among the top five motivating factors. Often, institutions invest time and money in restructuring HR settings, career plans, jobs and salaries, hire numerous consultants, and end up forgetting the most basic: what motivates people to wake up in the morning and go to work? I believe that before hiring an HR consulting, every manager can pay attention to some points which usually cost very little and can produce great results, related to the motivation of people in a company.

2 - Methods for Motivating Employees
Method 1 – Employee-oriented Approach
By simply employing a more employee-oriented approach, the leaders of an organization can make sure that the employees are better motivated to work for them. This approach may envolve the following initiatives:

Invest in quality of life
In a market that seeks creative people who make a difference where they are, the differential of any product or service is innovation. So if you want motivated teams, involved with his work, creative, opine that, suggest, criticize and suggest improvements, create a work environment where people enjoy living and spend most of the day. Investing in areas of leisure and conviviality common with comfortable sofas, a pool table, and puffs in meeting rooms, can make the environment more relaxed and conducive for employees to express their views and contribute innovative ideas.

Allow flexible work schedules
Whenever possible, let the teams do their work schedule. Try to focus efforts on the achievement of goals and evaluations by meritocracy, instead of staying monitoring how long people are chatting in coffee. Most of the activities of any company involves creativity - something that can be developed throughout the day, including coffee. If a team is more productive working in the afternoon, create mechanisms so they can work this time. Any team will be more motivated in working time that is more productive.

Give people freedom
Generally, large companies and internet technology are cited as the most innovative market, and most of them have management models that are more flexible and lean. In companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon, employees are encouraged to be self-managing, and have the freedom to solve their problems with more autonomy. This freedom allows people to develop their creativity and foster innovation. When Ricardo Semler began to spread his ideas about business management in 1982, Semco S / A, preaching of radical freedom and democracy in industrial companies, most thought he was crazy. Today, its management model is an international reference for any business manager.

Do not give orders, share responsibilities
Do not dictate or say what people should do. You can point out ways to understand what difficulties and problems need to be solved. Most professionals, especially Generation Y, love to take on responsibilities and challenges, and increasingly reinforce these desires in all searches. Allow people to face the problems of the company and have the freedom to...
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