On-Campus Living vs. Off-Campus Living

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Kunyi Li
Mr. Harlan
April 12, 2013

On-Campus Living vs. Off-Campus Living

It's an inevitable question that every college student must answer: should you live on-campus or off-campus? The fact is living on or off campus can drastically change your college experience; both options have their advantages and disadvantages. So it is crucial for student to weigh their choices before making a final decision. The major proponents of living on-campus are believe that on-campus life is easier to make connections with people in housing environment and physically closer to campus than an off-campus apartment. The negative is that constantly surrounded only by other students. Living on-campus will allow you to meet more people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to hang out with. You will also usually be aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in them. For example, you are doing homework on your desk, and your neighbor stop by telling you there is a cook out just started near the library. So you can either keep working or throw up your pen and go have a hotdog. That is not easy if you live off-campus. Another serious advantage worth to mention is that physically closer to campus. It is ten times easier to access campus facilities when you live right there. Going to campus can simply be a hassle when you live in the surrounding area.  Chances are that you will have a close place to park your car off-campus, unlike living on-campus. You might even be late for class simply due to the fact that you can't find parking. If you live on-campus, you can easily walk to classes, libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, etc. You don't have to waste time and money on driving to school, finding a parking space, and so forth. You can meet up any time but not worry about taking too much time on the driving. However, living on-campus sometimes can be annoying. When living in a...
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