Nsu Financial Aid

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“My impression about NSU FINANCIAL AID in
comparison with the best Universities of home
and abroad”

I believe Financial Aid is a versatile term. Normally as a student I am more familiar with the terms like merit scholarship on the basis of academic performances and stipend for needy meritorious students to support their parents/guardians to meet educational expenses.

Any students gets merit scholarship he feels it’s an honor and also encourage to improve his academic performance further. Financial Aid system of NSU is one way good that it asks all information in the application form regarding academic performances and family income so that they can select both categories of students as merit-based and need-based as per detailed family income.

Generally the seats reserved for scholarships are very few. So naturally, there is a high competition. For example, the University of Hull has just one seat for 100% Financial Aid and students literally fight for that. But in NSU, surprisingly, students just keep getting this benefit. To my knowledge, at least 6 students from our 103/111 BBA batch alone are enjoying Financial Aid ranging from 25% to 100%. On the other hand, universities of abroad have some facilities like loan-based financial aid in addition to merit-based scholarship and need-based financial aid to support their students.

Talking about our home universities-most of them do give waivers based on academics. For example, in a certain University I would have got 75% scholarship based on my academic results, but for its continuation, I need to maintain a CGPA of at least 3.75. Whereas in NSU, you need to maintain a CGPA of I think 3.3 for Financial Aid based on Admission Exams and 2.75 for the applied one. On the contrary, NSU Financial Aid committee actually wants to give Financial Aid to more students with easier conditions. Our authorities actually make it very easy to maintain. For example, to maintain 25% financial aid, I shall have to....
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