Motivations of Beauty Pageant Contestants

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Beauty contest Pages: 22 (3105 words) Published: September 19, 2014

Motivations of Beauty Pageant Contestants
Jayvee Masilang
Lyka Lynette Lindain
Jannea Tilar
Edmer Angel
ABDC 3-2
Central Luzon State University

The study was conducted to determine the motivation of beauty pageant contestants in noining such competitions. The data gathered from the respondents were analyzed and related to Maslow’s theory of Human Motivation to determine what really motivates the participants in joining beauty pageants. The study required thirty (30) female participants of any age who have joined previous or present beauty contests inside the university. The researcher used quantitative type of and ready-made questionnaire were provided by the researchers for the female respondents. Survey-questionnaire was utilized in this study. Purposive sampling was used in selecting the participants for this study. It was found out that the physiologic needs of the participants must be met first before the higher level of needs is satisfied. The result is congruent with the theory of Maslow that the in the hierarchy of needs, the most basic are met first and then the safety needs are before the need for self- esteem, love and belongingness and self- actualization is met by an individual respectively.

The researcher found out that there is no significant difference in motivation of the participants in terms of sex in joining beauty pageant competitions The physiologic needs assessed in this study includes having an excuse to have a balance diet, money to buy their family’s basic needs, maintain a healthy lifestyle, to be free from poverty and to have enough rest.

Among the five level of hierarchy of needs, self- actualization needs got the lowest motivation which has the mean of 1.56. The researcher also found out that there is no significant difference in motivation in joining beauty pageants according to the gender of the participants. And also there is no significant relationship between age and the motivation in joining beauty pageants. Motivations of Beauty Pageant Contestants

Beauty…what does it really mean?
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” some will say as there are lots of definitions for it. You may be beautiful based on your own opinion but do other people have the same idea?
Our country participates in several beauty pageants and is sometimes fortuned to take home the crown. The concept of beauty in such pageants includes physical appearance, poise, talent, and more importantly intelligence. You may also take for considerations the dress the candidates wear like gowns, casuals, swimsuits and many more which give another glow to the beauty of the woman. The name “Beauty Queen” which is intact with the winner of the pageant serves as a big recognition for someone. It sometimes became a highlight or important event to her hometown.

Some says joining in a beauty pageant is part of the growing process of a woman, so they enter and try their luck in some. Some keep their family tradition and stand for the name they once left in a beauty contest. And there are also who are just pinpointed or are joining just for fun. According to Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation, human actions are directed towards goal attainment. That every activity human performs were urged by the need for satisfaction. The theory demonstrates the hierarchy of needs in a form of a pyramid with Physiological Needs (like food, air, water, sex, shelter, sleep, etc.) at the lowest, Safety Needs (includes environment, health, etc.) a step higher, next is Belongingness (love, friendship, family, etc.), and then there is Esteem (like self-confidence, achievement, respect, love, etc.), and finally Self-actualization (creativity, morality, etc.) at the highest. Theseaspects according to him motivates human to perform certain activities. There are some articles written about beauty pageant contestant’s motivations like Sarah-Banet Weiser (1999) who states that the “new experience”...
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