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Complete the following matrix. When presenting real world examples, do not use the examples listed in the text.

Theories of Motivation
Theory Type
Key components of the theory
Real world example
Similarities and Differences
Instinct Theories
Motivations that are inherited into a person and come naturally. I think an example would be when you’re in a car and you slam the brakes and hold on to the person next to you, it’s just an extinct. Most of our behaviors are not motivated by our instincts and are unplanned. Evolutionary Theories

Behaviors to best fit the environment.
When your boyfriend cheats on you and you confront that person and act violently upon it. Similar to instinct because we don’t have any control over our emotions they come in naturally. Drive Theories

Behavior to satisfy a person’s needs. Eating, sleeping, taking care of business and other things like addiction to something. Once the need is satisfied our internal drive is reduced. When a person feels the need to do drugs or drink alcohol to satisfy their needs. Drive theory is considered by physiological needs and create aroused psychological states which drives us to lower or satisfy those needs by either eating or drinking. Arousal Theories

Behavior done to avoid being bored and means you need to get entertained with something. It would be like listening to a speech and writing on your journal while listening through it. People may go out for a jog to decrease their arousal level. On the other hand people find it better to meditate to decrease extreme arousal. Incentive Theories

A behavior that is perfomed knowing you’ll be rewarded for it. An example would be looking forward to going to work with the reward of getting paid. People can look forward to going to work for what they do while others are just expecting the pay which leads to an incentive behavior. Hierarchical Theories

Behavior to satisfy important...
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