Motivation vs Productivity

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The main focus of this research is to find out the effects of motivation on workers performance in Maiduguri Flour Mills Limited. An effort have been made to evaluate the existing workers motivational policies in Maiduguri Flour Mills with a view to examine the effects of motivation on worker productivity increase and also to identity the variable that are directly or indirectly responsible for workers performance ,while assess how motivation come into play in Maiduguri Flour Mills Limited. The researchers however, observed that most of the motivation Policies in the company were not adequately function and the little policies that are function were inconsistent and irrelevant for workers needs and desired in Maiduguri Flour Mills. In Making this findings possible, sixty (60) respondents were presented with questionnaires, out of one hundred and twenty (120) work force of the company and translated their responses into tables using simple distribution and percentages. Therefore, it has been proved that motivating workers sufficiently with relevance incentives as the only alternative towards workers performance to achieve goal and objectives of the organization. On the basis of these findings, implications of the findings for future study were highlighted

.KEYWORDS: Effects; Motivation; Workers; Performance.


One of the most difficult aspects confronting management of most organization today is how to make their workers become efficient. This aspect of organization has led most industries to employ strategies by which to motivate their work force. To addendum to this latency, most literature of organization study, Mitchell (1983) is of the view that for an organization to be successful, its members must be both willing and able to perform their jobs competently. This implies that the performance of organization members is jointly determined by the Members “Motivation” (The extent to which they are willing to perform well) and by their ability (the extent to which they possess the skills and abilities necessary to perform well). Feldman and Daniel (1983) are jointly determined by both motivation and ability. This is important since it implies that beyond a certain level, lack of ability cannot be compensated for high motivation and conversely lack of Motivation cannot be compensated for high level of ability. Both Motivation and ability are necessary components of effective performance in organizations. This perhaps led researcher like N adle et al (1989) to arrive at conclusion that man anger’s Job is not to Manipulate his subordinate rather must be sensitive to the difference in needs and desires and recognize the extent of what motivate them.

There has been a lot of research conducted by social science scholars and managers to demonstrate concern on the infinite dwindling productivity performance in an organization for over a decade Yet no steady effort has been made to produce positive result despite many policies and programmes had been implemented in an attempt to arrest the perennial problems that hindered the realization of organization goals and objectives which are currently experience a serious low productivity performance.

Since increase in productivity performance is necessary and cardinal objective of every meaningful organization, and for that standard to be achieved, workers must be adequately satisfied to stimulate motivated behavior to attain organizational goals. This brings us questions like what measure shall be taken to improve the condition of Maiduguri Flour Mills with regard to productivity performance? Which Motivation Policies are relevant and consistent for workers needs and desires. How does the Motivation affects workers performance in Maiduguri Flour Mills Limited and what motivate and demotivate workers. Answer to the above stated questions...
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