Motivation to succeed

Topics: Writing, Motivation, Debut albums Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: July 13, 2014
 English Composition I
Braxton Miller
June 13, 2001
June Exam
Motivation to Succeed
The definition of motivation is the driving force that causes the change from a desire to do thing into a will to do it. Motivation in this English class means to me having the will to write an essay at three in the morning because you put it off, better yet the motivation to graduate from college so that I will not be another statistic, or maybe it’s the motivation that I receive from my family that makes me want to strive harder and reach for the stars. Motivation could be defined in many different ways and could be seen from all different aspects, but it’s the driving force that causes the change from a desire to do things into a will to do things. First of all the biggest reason that motivation will help me with my writing in this English class is because I was a last minute person for the most part I use to put things off until the last possible second. Just like when I was in high school I put my senior project off until the last minute and ended up failing it thank god that it was only the first semester and I got a second shot at it. That experience of failing the first time motivated me in many different ways it made me start doing things on time rather than wait. It made me realize not matter what happens the work has to be done. When the second semester rolled around I have everything lined up in order except that I had forgotten to write my essay, but that didn’t stop me it was two in the morning when I thought about it even though I was tired the motivation from me failing the class the first time kicked in and I got the essay done by the time I had to go to school and passed. I also have motivation to pass this English class because then I would be a step closer to graduating and starting my professional life as a business man. For example in the professional field that I’m going in has a lot to do with writing and sending out memos now let’s say that I do not...
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