Motivation to Learn English among College Students in Sudan

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English Language Teaching; Vol. 5, No. 8; 2012
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Research on: Motivation to Learn English among College Students in Sudan
Ibrahim Abdelrahim Ibrahim Humaida1
1 Faculty of Arts & Science-Tabarjal, Aljouf University, King Saudi Arabia Correspondence: Ibrahim Abdelrahim Ibrahim Humaida, PhD, Educational Psycholgy, and Assistant Professor. Faculty of Arts & Science-Tabarjal, Aljouf University, King Saudi Arabia Received: March 26, 2012 Accepted: April 24, 2012 Online Published: July 2, 2012 doi:10.5539/elt.v5n8p49 URL: Abstract

This research was conducted to achieve the following objectives: to examine motivation to learn English language among students of faculty of arts, Islamic University-Sudan, to find out if there were significant statistical differences on motivation scores related to both student level and age. To pursue these objectives, the researcher used the descriptive method and a simple random sample consisted of (40) male students was selected. The scale for measuring motivation was administerd, the collected data were analyzed by using the following statistical tests on (SPSS): T-test for one sample, One-way analysis of variance, and Pearson correlation coefficient. The results indicated that: motivation scores were higher among students, no significant differences were found on motivation attributed to class level, and there was no correlation between motivation and age. At the end of this research, some recommendations and suggestions for future studies were presented. Keywords: motivation, learning English, college students, Sudan 1. Introduction

Motivation has been widely accepted by both teachers and researchers as one of the key factors that influence the rate and success of second/foreign language learning. Motivation provides the primary impetus to initiate learning English language and later the driving force to sustain the long and often tedious learning process (locke, E. 1996).

Motivation, among other psychological variables, plays an effective role on academic achievement among students in general and English language learners in particular. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can work as driving force that affect students overall performance (lukmani.Y. M. 1972). Motivation alone cannot do without actual action and ability. In order to test motivation level among learners; there are many psychometric tools that should be employed so as to guarantee an accurate measurement for motivation.

Many researchers concerned with motivation have conducted several researches and studies. The current research is an attempt to study motivation and its importance in learning. 1.1 Statement of Research Problem

It appears from literature and the previous researches carried out on motivation among learners that there are many variables underlying students' motivation to learn English language. Students, motivation to learn English in Sudan has to do with student’s desire to participate in the learning process. But it also concerns the reasons or goals that underlie their involvement or noninvolvement in academic activities. Although students may be equally motivated to perform a task, the sources of their motivation to learn English as a foreign language may differ.

Motivation plays an important part in improving and developing learner’s communicative ability, however, in Sudan, there are many English majors who are aspiring to be part of English–speaking community. It might be true that a few of them have such desire ,but the majority of English majors join the English departments because it is easier for them to get a job with a BA in English than in any other specialization. 1.2 Research Questions

This present research set the following research questions for testing: English Language Teaching Vol. 5, No. 8; 2012 50
1-What is the general trend...
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