Motivation Theories

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Motivation Theories
I believe that the key to reaching a goal of a high level in the hotel industry should come from the front desk agents since they are ones that deliver the services to the guests. There are several different levels of professionalism from the employees as well as the guests, but hospitality must never be affected. As a front office manager in the hotel industry, you need to know what does and does not motivate your employees; as well as providing training programs to help them reach the required level of hospitality service that your establishment demands. Each and every employee that you have working for you has their own different desires, wants, and needs. For instance, what might motivate one employee might not motivate another employee. Therefore, there should be several different motivational theories made available. Furthermore, as a front office manager, it is up to you to construct and bring into play particular motivational theories that are essential for your employees. Motivation is defined as understanding your employees desires and needs as well as developing a framework for meeting them (Bardi, 2007). By having both motivated, professional employees and unprofessional employees, and determined employees; clearly shows that one theory will not work for all employees. A productive manager takes into account each employee’s needs and wants, and creates a training program that is based on their needs. In essence, this is the Mayo theory of motivation recognizing the individuality of each employee (Bardi, 2007). An employee that is currently motivated and very involved will clearly not need as much attention as the one that is not. But this employee will continually need inspiration and help to keep up the level of ambition. For example, Herzberg’s theory of motivation with the hygiene factor would be suitable. This theory instills positive attitude for achievement, recognition, responsibility, personal growth, and advancement...

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