Motivation System

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Motivation is a process of arousing and sustaining goal-directed behavior induced by the expectation of satisfying individual needs. It is the major determinants of our behaviors. By understand the motives, you can influence staff’s behaviors. Especially with the shift towards a more socially and culturally responsive workforce, ability to motivate your staff is becoming one of the most important assets of an organization.

Motivation System of my Organization
In organizational context, managers must identify the reasons behind in achievement of goals set by the staffs and understand the aspiration and needs of the employees in order to motivate them as appropriate to reach organization’s objective (in the context of their roles that they are performing). Each person is unique and thus the motivation plan for each one can varies. When designing the motivational plan for each level of staffs, my company takes into consideration of different factors along with company objectives and corporate culture. This is to cater for the needs of mixture of professionals who are knowledged-based staff and operational staffs.

Generally speaking, my company’s motivation system design involves 2 types of categories, which are Compensation rewards as well as the non-compensation rewards. Compensation rewards refers to the return which is given based on the staff’s performance or effort and it includes non-financial reward, while non-compensation rewards are the rewards refer to those intangible rewards that are related to the work environment or staff’s well-being. In CPA, financial rewards include basic salary, year-end bonus, profit sharing and mandatory provident fund etc, while non-financial reward covers corporate medical scheme, travel benefits, leaves (including annual leave, sick leave, examine leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave), rental reimbursement, housing and education subsidence for both staff and immediate family. For non-compensation reward, it is about the career progression opportunity and personal growth the company can offer, the sense of accomplishment and recognition from the job itself, as well as the job security and the working environment. On top of the tangible motivational drivers which is relatively visual to the staff, there are also intangible factors that enable company to retain and develop job satisfactory level such as corporate brand image, company reputation, company culture etc. Brand loyalty and corporate culture has to be established over time and these are factors that can attract and motivate particular group of people who find themselves fit in the culture.

Compensation package, in terms of the amount, package inclusion and entitlement, for each staff is varied based on a couple of factors including seniority, grading, functions, staff location, repatriate policy. For example, the salary entitlement and distribution of profit sharing can be accumulated according to the numbers of years you have served the company. Besides, some functions such as airline planning, revenue etc may offer higher end of wages even for the same staff’s grading due to the complexity of the job responsibility. Higher grade definitely enjoys more benefits and entitlement such as academic sponsor for staff’s children and discounted ticket at a higher booking class etc. My company also has developed some special program for group of high-flyers which they name it as management trainee program. There is very special tailored program designated for these selected candidates and their career progression path is very different from normal staff, e.g. these management trainee need to go through a comprehensive training program to develop and expand their caliber and they entitle different set of compensation scheme which will be directly managed and monitored by the mother company. For outport staff, which we refer to staff located in other countries, they have very different set of compensation...
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