Motivation Recipes in Russia

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Problems of labor motivation in Russia (Forms Incentives)3

Understanding "motivation"4

Motivation through theories – East vs. West5

Motivation in Russia8

What makes motivation systems in Russian companies so different from companies in other countries?9




Why do people work? Why do some people do easy work and are dissatisfied and others do the hard work with pleasure? What has to be done to make people work more efficiently and effectively? How to make the work more interesting? What makes people work? These and other questions appear when it comes to motivation. In the modern world motivation on the working place plays a very essential part. The reason is that correct conduct of motivation politics among employees provides at least better labor quality and possible increase in productivity. Generally speaking motivation is a process for incentive to work. Therefore, managers that want to achieve effective production from their subordinates must not forget about important stimuli for their employees. In my work I will try to reveal the core of motivation both in the West and East. I will not only discuss main theories of motivation, but reveal some specialties of difficulties and drivers in Russia. In a conclusion I will also try to reflect some recommendations in applying motivation theories in Russian practice.

Problems of labor motivation in Russia (Forms Incentives)

The lack of acceptable mechanism of employee motivation leads to the manpower drain in various companies. Financial compensation for professional successes must have systematical structure and must be based on clear objective criteria. Even successful companies always face the difficulties, because of the resigning of competent enterprising specialists. It is the result of insufficient development of motivational methods in their professionalism. It is not that essential for the company with a low level of labor specialization, as the replacement for one specialist can be trained within the short period. On the other hand manpower drain is a very serious problem for innovative companies with a high level of specialization. In latter case resolution of such problem is vitally important and not that easily and fast achieved. Manpower drain is a great catastrophe. After the conduct of the survey about effectiveness of employees` stimuli methods, the incentives used by different companies were classified as follows:

First Group: valuable presents – 35% of the companies; moral incentives (gratitude, diploma etc.) – in 32% of the companies, leaves and additional vacations – in 21% of the companies.

Second group is least famous: adding employee's name into the fasti of history; placing portraits of the most honorable employees on the board of honor and respect; rewarding with favorable signs – in 6% of the companies.

Third group may seem to be pretty exotic: 3% of the companies borrow money from employees with interest as an incentive; 2% suggest subordinates to participate in the profit; and 1% of the companies even sell stocks to their employees (it is not that wide practiced in Russia). If to apply integrated assessment for the "effective-cheap" characteristic, then in the first place there is medical service and issue of loans. Second place goes to the payment for transportation (bus, tram, train etc.). After in the descending order there is insurance, food, education etc. Another fact that draws the attention is that majority of respondents faced difficulties estimating effectiveness and expenditures of incentive packages (from 39 until 67% from the number of usage according to different components). Part of respondents did not have many difficulties in these estimations, but it was significantly less – from 17 until 33% practicing one or another form of incentives. These lead to the following rating according to the "effective-cheap"...
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