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Sources of Motivation Paper
The story underlined in chapter one of the textbook in regard to, The Little Engine That Could, illustrates two forms of motivation could (can) and would (will). Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1841/1960) was the first person to speculate on the relationship between motivation and behavior (Deckers, Introduction to Motivation and Emotion, 2010). Many factors exist between motivation and behavior; it is said that human behavior is driven by motivation. Motive and incentives are factors that derive motivation the individual motivations is geared toward any task that will create a positive outcome, e.g., hard work in school equals a better job, higher pay, and job security. Behavior exhibits motivation, a person will react differently in every situation in the pursuit of gaining success “incentive.” Define Motivation

According to Atkinson (1958/1983) and McClelland (1987), a motive is a person’s internal disposition to be concerned with and approach positive incentives and avoid negative incentives (pg. 3). There are several factors that underline human motivation in relation to behavior, e.g., people eat to reduce hunger or enroll in college to obtain a degree. An incentive is the anticipated reward or aversive event available in the environment (pg. 3). Motivation is an incentive driven emotion; motivation differs from each individual. The importance of personal gain is differentiated from person to person, for example, Tony is motivated to complete college in pursuit of obtaining a better career, and whereas Timothy lacks motivation in college his motivation may be geared toward becoming an expert in his current career field. Motivation has to have incentive it makes no sense just be motivated. What is the incentive to the motivation? For example, Alicia tells her coworkers that she is motivated to work today. Her motive is that an important inspection is coming up the incentive is a promotion to the staff member...

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