Motivation Program Proposal

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Incentive program Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Motivation Program Proposal
The work place in somewhere that requires types of motivation to keep employees motivated to continue to bring driven results to a company and keep the workers willing to return for work each day. The plan that I have completed research over and found very successful in the work place is extrinsic motivation. With this motivation in place the workers know that their hard work can lead to additional bonuses, raises, and promotions within the company. “Gibbs looked at two key types of motivation available to large companies: promotion-based motivation and within-job motivation” (“Motivation,” 1993). Like any job there will be typical goals in place for each employee to reach. As someone reaches that goal there will be an incentive in place that will drive them to keep going as they will receive possible bonuses and leading to a raise. Additionally with this in place there are the opportunities for promotion from continued hard work and dedication to the company. When there is a promotion there originates a raise. With these types of motivation in place I would hope to gain employees that are driven to work hard and build a long career with the company. With such types of motivation in place where someone is able to earn additional money from a bonus for everyday bills or to save up toward a vacation trip or take on a goal to earn a raise is a great incentive as well. If a company is large enough and is able to offer promotions from within seems to drive many people to keep working hard and set goals to advance in a company as well. Money is not always what drives someone to stay with a company, providing great benefits as well brings many people to companies. If someone is able to obtain medical coverage for themselves and family it makes many people happy as medical bills are never easy to pay off without coverage. A company that is also able to offer 401K and stock options for retirement will drive employees to invest back into the...

References: Motivation. (1993). Harvard Business Review, 71(6), 12-13.
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