Motivation plan

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Motivation Plan
30 Oct 2014

Motivation Plan
In business world, motivation for employees in an organization is one of the facts of how effectively and efficiently tasks are accomplished. Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal (Robbins and Judge, 2006). Every individual is different with different personality and background and it is very important for the management to understand what can motivate and satisfy each individual in the organization that can help their performance boost into a cohesive and effective workforce. Different kind and level of motivation can influence work performance and result in job satisfaction in their organization; it is commonly believed that the most satisfaction is directly tied to the money that the employees are receiving. Promotion is another big motivation for the employees which are also related to money. Other than money reward or promotion, Quast (2012) recommends five tips to management for motivating employees. 1. Act as a role model and help inspire employees to identify what they are passionate about at work. 2. Clearly define the organization’s vision, mission and strategy as well as the goals and objectives of each employee. 3. Empower your employees to succeed and delegate challenging and meaningful work. 4. Work with each employee to create their own personal development plan. 5. Monitor the progress of your employees towards accomplishing their goals and objectives. Also, the employees get motivated when they know they are being considered as an important asset to the organization and being taken care of at work. (Chavis, 2010)  

The mentor’s organization is mostly comprising prior service (enlisted) military members and one individual who has no experience in the military.  He is the program coordinator for the program and he ensures that the program is meeting and exceeding the expectations of 8th Army.  He also serves as a liaison between 8th Army and the Department of Defense Contracting company that he work for.  His program provides Tier I level support for select Army Battle Command System (ABCS).  Due to the generous budgets that the military and those supporting the military use to work in since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), employees, especially contractors, have become accustom to relatively high salaries.  Now that the government is become more cost conscious, employees’ salaries are now starting to meet the median that their counterparts with their education level receive back in the states which is probably still a little inflated. One obstacle that the organization had to overcome this past summer was a huge budget cut, which ended up affecting everyone one in the organization.  In this case, the fact that kept the employees in the organization motivated was them knowing that they still had a job, and a secure job for at least another year.  It is believe that the reality has settled in and are ultimately content with what they have, especially as they watch other contracts get taken down to the bare bones.  While this didn’t affect his organization, others around the base are suffering, getting what they pay for, under skilled, under qualified personnel trying to fill the roles of people with years and years of experience.   Although the study proved that reward compensation is the best motivation fact, every individual expects different type of motivation. Learning Team A also prefers cash reward or promotion other than anything; however, the team members can be motivated in different way based on their personality. Learning Team A is made up with team members with many different personalities that determine a person’s internal motivations. Scotty is considered as a Go-Getter that is aware of the roles, recourses, and the due when the mission or tasks are to be...

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