Motivation Plan

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As an administrative assistant, my mentor maintains a system for accurate and complete service delivery in accordance with company regulations. Working at the General Manager’s Office at PREPA Networks, she improves the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the organizations mission—specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning. PREPA Networks is the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority a public corporation that was founded in 1941; a subsidiary private company of PREPA Holdings that has been providing highly reliable and robust, fiber optic infrastructure services to the telecommunication carriers in Puerto Rico, since 2004. At this company she also processes reports and completes third party billing. It is her responsibility to assist the General Manager of the company with the marketing and customer services. Therefore, it is very important that she reflects motivation to achieve the organization goals, and that she feel satisfaction on her job, so she can she may transmit those feelings to other employees in the company.

While interviewing my mentor, I could identify with her at her work scenario. One of the big challenges that she confronts at work is the employee’s collaboration to exhibit and fulfil the company rules and requirements. Another challenge that her work presents is the lack of communication from her boss and how he fails to express clearly his job expectations. Also, there is a big volume of work that has versus the very short period of time that she has to complete it. Due to the fact that most of her work depends on others, sometimes her work performance could seem affected. Most of the time, the work atmosphere is not very pleasant due to her close position to the General Manager.

According to “Organizational Behavior” (2013), to be high on motivating potential, jobs must be high on at least one of the three factors that...

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