Motivation Plan

Topics: Motivation, Learning, Management Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Motivation Plan
Christina Caulder
July 22, 2013
Olivia Herriford

Motivation Plan
Motivating employees is one of the most diverse and challenging topics that many leaders and managers face. With a wide variety of personalities, values, attitudes, and emotions in the melting pot of corporations today, it is vital that managers and leaders take the time to learn about their employees. Discovering what motivates and pushes an employee to perform above average, and pairing those like-minded individuals together can become a rubrics cube of confusion. Mangers and leaders must learn the basics of what drives their staff and always maintain vigilance on the changing needs of those employees. Lucy Bannister works for a government contracting organization called Point One. Point One contracts with the federal government regarding military and government intelligence world-wide. Within this organization, there are dozens of departments, each with a specialty that is not only extremely classified, but also, highly diverse. The department that Lucy works in is called Cyber Command. Cyber Command deals with information, verbal transactions, communication, and mission critical information from several foreign countries. Lucy’s specific focus is on the country of Iran; her role is to communicate and document information surrounding Indications and Warnings. Lucy spends her day reviewing intelligence reports and singling out information based on pre-established criteria that would indicate hostile intent. Lucy is required to provide thorough daily briefs to the Commander of her department. Lucy’s team includes Robert, Tiffany, and Noelle. Lucy is looking for improved operational focus, mission specifics, and building a team that falls under her ideal working environment. As the team leader, Lucy prefers to attack issues alone, to avoid personality conflicts. She wants a team that focuses on the job and who genuinely cares about the position its requirements....
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