Motivation Paper

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Motivation Paper
Molly Bomgren
PSY 355
July 1, 2013
Professor Gavin Coriell

In our society there are several different individuals. With these many different individuals come several different motivations. With these motivations come many different behaviors and perspectives on our lives. We are motivated by several different things and our motivations make us who we are and make our behaviors unique and determine what behavior we are going to exhibit. Individuals have several different things that motivate the behavior that we have. Motivation is known as the impetus or reason for doing the behavior; it initiates the action” (Deckers, 2010, p. 7). When some one is motivated they are completing the action for a reason or the desire to satisfy themselves. An example of a way that someone is motivated is when you see students in grade school or college you see several motivations with in them. One motivation that you might see from a student is that you will see them completing their work and studying so that they get good grades and pass the grade or course they are taking. With motivation there are several different reasons why people are different motivated. There are several different sources of motivation and these sources help us to understand why we are motivated. There are a few different sources of motivation. Two of these sources are internal sources and external sources. One of the sources is known as internal sources. Internal sources is known as when A person’s biological attributes and psychological dispositions determine what will be motivating them as individuals (Deckers, 2010). With internal sources there are two different variables with in this source. These two variables that are within internal sources are biological and psychological variables. These two variables are different but are also linked in some way. Biological variables are known as material characteristics of the body and brain that serve to motivate behavior (Deckers,...
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