Motivation of Employees to Inprove Performance and Enchance Productivity

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1.O Background to the study
Over the years, the motivation of employees has been gaining steady importance because of its pivotal role in providing a link between improved performances and enhanced productivity. To achieve its goal and objectives, an organization needs among other things, a fully motivated workforce. A work force that perceives the organization as a medium through which personal goals could be achieved and the same time achieving the organizational goals. To feel motivated, employee sources of satisfaction should be commensurate with organizations offers and demands. A lot of factors have been advanced to explain the individual’s willingness to continue to work and how well he will want to contribute towards the attainment of the organizations objectives. Even when such factors are obvious and universally acceptable, a greater percentage of Ghanaian employees seem dissatisfied with their jobs, lack motivation and are always willing to leave their jobs and opportunities.

In light of the above, one can argue that our transitive nature (i.e. preferring higher opportunities to lower ones) might be responsible for the way employees leave one organization for another. This assertion could also be reinforced by the nature of our value system where materialism is the uppermost consideration in most of our decisions and actions. Be that as it may, contemporary organizational problems call for a greater insight into the productivity of organization through people.

However, given its pivotal role in improving performance and enhancing productivity, motivation could be a key job design objective for managers attempting to improve their organizational functioning and enhancing productivity. Despite its potential, development of theories that would help managers identify leverage points by which they could improve employee commitment seem to have languished, in particular career-related concepts have been ignored.

Therefore, the task before St. Patrick’s hospital Offinso South shall be, how to strike a balance between the interest of the organization and that of the employees, by fulfilling both interest. St Patrick Hospital must motivate the workers to achieve improved performance and enhance productivity which is the paramount concern of the organization; in return, the organization tries to satisfy the needs of the employees by offering appropriate inducement to fulfill their goals. Hence organization functions involve efficient allocation, utilization of human and material resources.

Accordingly, an important component of the organization’s task is to maintain a high level of motivation amongst its employees to improve and enhance productivity. It can be argued that critical probing of the assumed possible factors affecting motivation of employees in St. Patrick’s Hospital have received little, if any, attention from within management of St. Patrick’s hospital from a scholarly point of view, however, one cannot go by mere generalizing assumptions; there is always the quest for scrutinizing and testing the validity, partial or otherwise of even widely accepted and endorsed ideas.

1.1 Statement of problem
Despite the historical and socio-economic contributions of employees to nations, in Ghana there is a strong contention that employees have failed to fulfill the purpose for which they are employed. The average Ghanaian employee is accused of self-care attitude, lacks sense of duty, lazy and low productivity; also established organizations are accused of bad faith in themselves, outright neglecting their statutory obligation to the goals of employees welfare needs. What can be the reason behind the low performance and productivity of employees? Is it that the employees are not being motivated by their employees; or is it that it is not sufficient for the employees; or are the employees inherently lazy? This problem initiated this research work.

1.2 Objectives of the study...
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