Motivation Maintenance

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Motivation Maintenance

Every person is motivated by something. Whether this motivation comes from people and activities you love like family, hobbies, eating, volunteering, or work, you experience motivation. Work motivation depends on your work environment, your personal needs from work, and whether the interaction of these needs with your work environment supports the accomplishment of your goals. Example, Good salary package, good working environment, safety and security provided by the company, and other considerations will make the employees be motivated. Also, most people are motivated by some combination of two or three of the factors below.  Few, if any, people would be motivated by all of them.   

§     Achievement:  Achievement-oriented people like challenging tasks, clear goals, and specific measures of success.  They tend to prefer “project” jobs, in which tasks have a clear beginning and end, rather than “process” jobs, in which the work is continuous and ongoing.  They want to be recognized for their accomplishments and like working for a manager who appreciates their abilities.  Opportunities for ongoing skill development are important to them.                                                       §     Interaction:  Some of us are “people people”, who enjoy frequent and friendly interaction with others.  These folks prefer jobs where the work requires face-to-face (or at least voice-to-voice) contact with people.  They value relationships with colleagues, enjoy learning about their personal lives, and may extend co-worker relationships into friendships.  They want a friendly relationship with their manager and like recognition to be personal.  

§     Creativity:  People motivated by creativity value jobs that involve varied duties and opportunities to innovate.  They get bored with repetition, like finding new ways to do familiar tasks, and enjoy brainstorming sessions.  Usually, they would rather be the one to get a project started than the...
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