Motivation Is A Key To Any Success In Life

Topics: Academic degree, High school, Motivation Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: March 29, 2015
 Motivation is a key to any success in life. This is how we follow through with obligations in the classroom and out. Starting assignments is the easy part, it is the completion of the task that requires the most motivation and thrive. I would say that my initial motivations to start college at Southern New Hampshire University would be similar to many of my classmates and that is to advance ourselves into our careers. As in my case I am returning to school as I found out without a degree my advancement in the workforce will have limitations. Even though I have gained great experience in my career, the only way to break through the barrier walls and open the doors of opportunity is with education. My first initial motivations involved in me refinish something that I started a long time ago and was not able to complete then, and second motivation is of course getting ahead in my career. My third motivation to restart college my sound a bit odd and that would be to hang my framed degree on the wall for the world to see. I remember when I was child I would go into my father’s office and would see all his degrees and awards framed on the walls. I told myself back then I must have that when I am all grown up. I thought this would also make my father proud as I leaned playing baseball and football in high school failed to win his approval as he did not believe in sports as a way doing that. I spent too much of my early life trying to get him to be proud of me and win his acceptance. Now I have learned it is all about me and making myself proud and that is to invest into myself through college. The things that will continue my motivations of completing and earning my degree would be my best friend and his mom. Over the years I have watched my best friend earn his two degrees and at the same time succeed in his career. He also started and finished college later than most , he will be my mentor as my best friend been pushing me to go back to school. I also...
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