Motivation is an integral part of the company’s development

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Motivation is an integral part of the company’s development.

Employee motivation is the recognition, encourage that a company's workers apply to their jobs. Although the continued growth of the company base on many factor, employee are no doubt the fundamental backbone that holds any workplace, business, or corporation together. Motivating employment is important for the continued growth of the company. Motivation is an integral part of the job. It is what gives people a reason to perform or behave in a certain way with the desire or willingness to do the job without any force and employee motivation is a major factor in the growth and productivity of any business. For example, if you offer commission to a salesperson, they typically tries harder to sell more. If you thank an employee for good customer service, they will likely strive to duplicate it since they feel appreciated. Employees who have the motivation will feel content with their worked and will be better than their work they did before. Employees are company's greatest asset. They are representatives of the company. The relationship between companies with customer through employees who make the potential customers and keep them on. According to 3 authors Muhammad Bilal Ahmad, Ejaz Wasay, Saif Ullah Malik, they said that identify employee's impacted on customer's perception that built brand image”. And another article of them said that: the most important factor in the success and failure of any organization is employee. The airline industry is a service industry so employee motivation towards their job plays a very important role in serving the customer's needs (October 2012) Keeping employees motivated in the company and encouraging them to perform above expectations is very necessary for success of company. Motivated employees are also a lot easier to retain than employees who lack motivation. It costs a lot of times and money to hire and train new employees so retaining staff is important...

References: Impact of employee motivation on customer satisfaction: Study of airline industry in Pakistan, Muhammad Bilal Ahmad, Ejaz Wasay, Saif Ullah Malik, October 2012
Motivational theory in practice at Tesco, n.d. available from: viewed 4 October 2013
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