Motivation In Workplace

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Expectancy theory Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: January 10, 2015
Mehmet Tolga Konya
Motivation in Workplace
Motivation is defined as the duration that invoke, pathfinder and sustain target-based behaviors. It contains biological, emotional, social and cognitive strength that effects behavior. Motivation, constituent in three major terms. Such as direction, persistence and intensity. Terms defined as below; Intensity: How hard a person is trying?

Persistence: How long a person keeps on trying?
Direction: Invokes the decision to initiate a behavior.
Employee and staff motivation is absolutely key structure for organizations, companies and corporations. The staff which cannot be motivated, doesn’t spend much effort to improve the job, avoid the workplace as much as possible, if they find another opportunity they can change their jobs easily. Another side, staff who feels motivated to work are keen on persistence, creative, effective and productive; the rate of turnover is high and the solution will be high quality. Especially after 1980’s; companies and HR staff has become intense to increase the motivation and try to apply new approaches. In 2000’s; even smallest companies has been started to apply this kind of methods to increase the productivity; because they have observed the solutions of this kind of methods in reputable companies and qualified workers are keen on reputable companies. They need to this kind of workers to improve the businesses and if and only if they provide good conditions to work. According to surveys unfortunately only 45% of the people in the workplace are motivated, but the managers and owners of the business can provide this motivation factors easily anymore. Types of motivation is not related with the money always. For instance; a boss or manager can be accessible for employers, it may be huge factor of motivation. The staff feels like that “everything is all right” more. On the other hand, if masters or SPV (Supervisors) declares the duties or requirements face to face instead of...

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