Motivation in Work Environment

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Motivator Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: September 19, 2014
When I searched the definition of motivation, I found one from the Business website. They define motivation as internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people. It allows people to be continually be committed to a job, a role, or a subject in order to be able to achieve a goal. Motivation can result from a desire or need, rewards from achieved goals, and expectations on oneself or others (Business Different things motivate me in the workplace. Three of the biggest motivations that drive me include the need to help support my family financially, the challenges it gives me to better myself, and the rewards and benefits that result from doing a great job. Some days, only one of the factors motivates me, while on other days, it is a mixture of the factors.

With the current economy and cost of living here in Hawaii, I feel the need more than ever to contribute to my family’s income. By being able to hold job that offers good benefits and security, I am able to appreciate my job, which in turn motivates me to work hard and produce quality work. Bainbridge’s definition of extrinsic motivation shows that this can be considered as an extrinsic type of motivation since the motivation comes from the outside and the rewards include good benefits and a paycheck (Bainbridge, Extrinsic Motivation). It can also be considered an intrinsic motivation because certain aspects of the job I do are very enjoyable. For example, when I am closing out a project, I get pleasure out of solving the problems that caused accounting errors within that project.

My job also provides me with many different challenges. These challenges motivate me to either do better or to learn something new. These motivations come from inside and are considered internal motivators, or intrinsic motivation. Bainbridge defines an intrinsically motivated individual as one who does not work on a solution to a problem because there is some type...
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