Motivation in the Workplace

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Motivation in the Workplace

Topic 7: Motivation in the Workplace
In this essay we aim to critically analyse all aspects of motivation within the workplace. ‘Motivation refers to the forces within or beyond a person that arouse and sustain their commitment to a course of action.’ (Boddy: 2005 page 480) Motivation is a key factor to the success of a business (ref Maslow’s theory of motivation). If employees don’t feel commitment to the work they are doing for the company, that attitude comes across to the customers. This can have an effect on customer’s opinion of the company and their want to buy their products. We will target a particular company and relate it to the topic at hand. To back up our research on motivation, different philosopher’s theories such as Maslow and Herzberg on the subject will be discussed. Throughout the essay different factors effecting what motivates and what de-motivates staff will be brought forward. Also our groups research into the topic via methods of both social networking and mobile surveys. Bishops

Bishops Footwear Coleraine is our target company. It is a company that one of our group members works for at the present time. Centred at the heart of the town Centre, Bishops is known for being the largest independent retailer of shoes within the UK. It blew away competition in 2003 such as Reid’s Belfast, and McKillen’s Ballymena to gain UK retailer of the year. Mrs E Bishop, founded Bishops of Coleraine in 1840. The business passed to her son, Mr James Bishop, who rebuilt the premises in 1905. He continued to trade successfully until his death in 1940 when the business was taken over by Mr Charles Hamilton and later now his son Tom. When Mr Charles Hamilton took over the business, he decided to retain the name of Bishops and today the shop is still in the Hamilton family. A highly reputable business that has lasted over 170 years, it employs over 50+, Administrative, maintenance and Sales staff. There are 6 Departments (B2, Ladies, Italian, Sports, Kids, Gents) in which staff earn commission by selling shoes on a day to day business. This is a motivation technique used by bishops which will be explored further in the essay. Baringa Partners

To identify the most effective ways to motivate staff we used Baringa Partners as an example of a highly motivated team. This company also shows us both monetary and non-monetary ways to motivate a workforce within an organisation. Baringa is the winner of the Best Workplace 2010, it is a management consultancy based in London which has a company culture that focuses on supporting the growth of talented and motivated staff. The company uses Hertzberg’s ‘Motivation-hygiene’ Theory in the day to day running of the organisation, by maximising the satisfiers and minimizing the dissatisfiers. Managing Partner Mohamed Mansour says that all the “senior people are involved in every recruitment decision”, this allows staff to feel a sense of responsibility and that their opinion matters within the company. The employee also has a psychological contract with the company where the emphasis is not just on ensuring staff are suitable for the organisation, but also that the organisation is suitable for staff. This should help maximise the motivation of the individual as they are in a job which suits them and they are right for. To make employees feel welcome in their new job the company has a number of procedures starting with each new candidate receiving a bottle of champagne, their arrival is announced to the whole company via email. Baringa knows that starting a new job can be a daunting experience and so every new recruit is given a ‘buddy’ who can provide advice and unofficial help. These steps all help to motivate employees and make them feel comfortable from the beginning of their career in Baringa. The company says that communication and trust are essential to their success, meetings within the company are open and honest,...

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