Motivation in Nestle

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 29 (6676 words) Published: March 26, 2012

Stage 1—Planning3
λTitle of the Project4
λObjectives of the Project4
λStatement of the Issues to be Investigated4
λReasons for the Choice of Issue5
λCovered as Part of the Graded Award5
λJustification to the Business Chosen5
λExplanation to the Sources of Information6
λExplanation to the Methods used for the Investigation6 λStatement of the Criteria7
λTimescales for Conducting the Investigation and the Identification of the Resources8 Stage 2—Developing10
I.Executive Summary11
III.Statement of facts12
1.The Vision of Nestlé S.A.12
2.The Mission of Nestlé S.A.13
3.The Objective of Nestlé S.A.13
4.External Environment Analysis of Nestlé S.A.13
5.Internal Analysis of Nestlé S.A.14
6.The relevant Motivation Policies of Nestlé S.A.15 7.Relevant interviews to the employees and customers18 IV.Assessment for the Report19
1.Criteria 119
2.Criteria 220
3.Criteria 321
V.Statement of conclusion22
λRetain the talents, retain the future22
λDecrease the costs, increase the profits to both the organisation and the customers22 λThe balance between employees and management creates the successful future23 VI.Appendices24

Appendix 1—Interview 124
Appendix 2—Interview 225
Stage 3—Evaluating30
I.Achievement of the Original Objectives31
1.Specific motivation approaches/programs in NESTLÉ31 2.Measurable data about the current employee remuneration condition31 3.Attainable interviews with the employees of NESTLÉ31 4.Realistic researches on customers’ real feelings to the products of NESTLÉ31 5.Time scales32

II.Effectiveness of the Planning and Developing Stages32 1.Brief32
III.Strengths and Weaknesses of the Report33
IV.Recommendations for future investigations34

Stage 1—Planning


1 Title of the Project

The title of this project is that The Nurture to Employees Creates the Successful Business—Motivation in NESTLÉ S.A.

Objectives of the Project

Based on the investigation, a series of objectives as specified on the SMART theory will be set up and supplemented as follows:

Firstly, the specific approaches/programs to motivate the employees in NESTLÉ and the measurable data on the current employee remuneration condition (i.e. the wages, bonus, etc).

Furthermore, attainable interviews with the employees of NESTLÉ will be made to obtain their feelings on working experience, and realistic researches to know about customers’ real feelings to the products of NESTLÉ will be made as well.

At last, the entire report will be achieved by the end of the 23rd December, 2011 (17 weeks approximately).

Statement of the Issues to be Investigated

In this report, the issue to be investigated is the Motivation Policy in the NESTLÉ S.A.

Generally speaking, in the food industries, the customers want to get the better food with the lower price from the food companies, and the motivation policies to employees can help with dealing with this problem. The excellent motivation policies help the employees with voluntarily producing the better food products through the way that motivates them to meet the customers’ needs.

Furthermore, the relevant customers mainly consist of the people who want to buy the products from the curtain companies.

Reasons for the Choice of Issue

This issue could bring so many benefits to the organizations. For...
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