Motivation in Kazkom Bank

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents1
I. Overview of Internship2
II. Organization Part4
About Kazkommertsbank4
History of Kazkommertsbank4
Kazkommertsbank business segments5
Corporate banking5
Banking for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)5
Retail Banking5
Kazkommertsbank Group6
Management issues6
Marketing issues7
Market dynamics7
Competitive dynamics7
SWOT analysis8
Finance/Accounting issues9
Operations management and Information system issues9
Summary and Recommendations10

I. Overview of Internship

a. Name: Yekaterina
Surname: Andriyachshenko
ID: 20073468
Bachelor of Science in Administration and Accounting (BSc) Major in Management
Tel: 8 705 610 18 17
b. Internship dates/Period:
Starting date: January, 19
Ending date: March, 30
c. Internship company name and address, contact information JSC “Kazkommertsbank”
135 zh, Gagarin ave., 480060,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.
Phone: +7(727) 2-58-56-70
Phone: +7(727) 258-51-85
Fax: +7(727) 258-52-29 
d. Internship company supervisor’s name and position
Mr. Abai Smailov, Senior Risk Manager
Tel: + 7 701 758 14 49
e. Student’s career interest(s)
To get working experience in a big multinational company or financial institution in order to have good career opportunities. f. Internship objectives
The main objective of an internship is to gain a practical experience and apply all theoretical knowledge in management and financial areas. Moreover, it is beneficial to pass an internship in order to get and develop personal skills in professional environment, to understand some obstacles that can be faced while applying a job in the future. As well as this, one of the objectives is to understand whether it is the sphere and the company where I want to start my career. g. Job description/duties & responsibilities

I have performed jobs and tasks according to the functional duties of specialists, in particular I provided help in conducting everyday procedures connected with the risk management of a bank, carried out market research on statistical data that was useful for performance of the department. In addition to this I classified and sorted out the documentation of the department and worked with clients’ databases, as well as did some work connected with optimization of data. h. Student’s contribution to the company

Passing internship at Kazkommertsbank had benefits for the company such as: • Help in routine work;
• Fresh ideas;
• Ability to accomplish required tasks earlier than is set by deadlines; • Good candidates for future job offer
i. Benefits to the individual/Student
• It was the first working experience;
• Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical; • Enhance classroom experience;
• Develop and practice skills to solve business problems; • Becoming confident in business sphere;
• Develop personal skills by developing professional talent. j. Problems and difficulties if any faced during the internship period One of the main difficulties was to combine studying and working processes. Another obstacle was connected with the language. The theory that we obtain at KIMEP is in English, while business communication at JCS “Kakommertsbank” primarily is in Russian, therefore, many terms were new for me, but it was extremely beneficial to work with such difficulties.

II. Organization Part

About Kazkommertsbank

Established in 1990, Kazkommertsbank is one of the largest private full-service banks in Kazakhstan, measured by total assets. It...
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