Motivation in Coal Mining Companies

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Employment Pages: 9 (2701 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Russian Plechanov University of Economics
International business school

Project on organisational behaviour
“Motivation strategy in CC Zarechnaya”

Sologub Asia

Moscow 2012
About the company
Coal Company Zarechnaya – is the part of MPO Kuzbass. Coal Company Zarechnaya manages several coal mines, affiliates and charities. Zarechnaya includes 6 mines (3 under construction and 3 operating), concentrating plant, and a number of subsidiary enterprises. Potential coal reserves - 1986 mln tones. Layer thickness varies from 1 to 5,3 meters. Today enterprises of CC Zarechnaya mine and wash Gas coal, Flame coal. In the short-term company is anticipated to start mining and concentrating Fat coal, Gas Fat coal. Coal Company Zarechnaya exports more than 85% of the end product. The consumers are: chemical-recovery, energy and other enterprises in more than 12 countries including Spain, The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. Altogether CC Zarechnaya is a “closed-circle” company, which manages prospection and production of coal, it's washing, transportation and final sale to the customer. Due to the large-scale, developed structure, number of stuff exceed 5,5 thsnd workers engaged into production on all the enterprises. Today company is aimed to make it’s activity as flexible, as it is possible. Financial statements and reports about production are disclosed within preparation of IPO; also all the information is provided on Bloomberg, official site and widely citated in specialized mass-media. Moreover, by the end of January company welcomed a group of auditors from Goldman Sachs. Altogether, annual capacity of CC Zarechnaya is approximately 10 mln tons of coal. According to information, provided by press-centre, in 2010 production exceeded 8,5mln tons of coal, 5 mln were extracted at Mine Zarechnaya. In 2011 production output has reached 9,2mln, which is 0,7 mln more, than in the previous year. 4,6mln were produced by Zarechnaya mine. CC Zarechnaya’s enterprises develop regional infrastructure, create more jobs in Kemerovo and Kemerovo’s region, supports social structures, area’s economic development, allows better labor terms and living conditions. Besides coal prospection, production and washing, CC Zarechnaya acts as a sponsor in a number of farming enterprises, such as cattle breeding. As far as this project is only a year old, it did not paid off yet. A separate attention should be driven to corporate social responsibility of CC Zarechnaya and it’s charity activity. Charity activity includes financing of TV-channel “My gladness”, charity fund “Zarechie”, charity fund “Future of Kuzbass”, day care centers for employee’s children, and numerable celebrations, competitions and cultural events, organized by CC Zarechnaya. All enterprises of CC Zarechnaya compose a closed loop, where coal is being produced, then washed, then delivered to the border\port; also CC Zarechnaya includes enterprises responsible for geological prospection and machinery. Thus, Zarechnaya has many affiliates that seek for financing, and modernization. Among them we can define: * OJSC Zarechnaya Mine

* Mine Site Oktyabrsky
* OJSC Alexievskaya Mine
* Washing Plant Sputnik
* LLC Georesurs
* Technoparkinvest-Kuzbass
* JSC Baltic Coal Terminal
«Zarechnaya» is a socially-oriented enterprise, which takes part in accomplishment of local, regional and federal social programs. It makes a considerable contribution into development of home region of it’s enterprises. «Zarechnaya» experiences a wide spread charity activity, leads the mental revival of the region. The headquarters of Company is situated in Polisaevo, Kemerovo region; suboffices are in Kemerovo and Moscow. Approximately 5500 workers are engaged in the company today. In order to motivate all this employees, which are engaged in diversified spheres of production (from miners to financial representatives, who arrange the IPO of company abroad) different motivation...

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