Motivation in basketball

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I. Introduction

Motivation is one of a basics elements in human resources management. In every organization choice and usage of a proper motivation technics is crucial for achieving the best results. In this paper I will put under consideration motivation of the individuals and its impact on the results of entire team, in context of a very specific type of organization – basketball sport club. Motivation is a real determinant of players’ involvement, which drives them to develop technical side of skills, and prompts to work at concentration, composure and faith in their own abilities. In sport, encouragement is a key to success, and as it came out from my findings, sportsmen’s mental state is equal or even more important than their physical condition. My objective is to approve argument that the players of Kaka are not well motivated. Considerations taken by me do not apply to all members of the Kaka, but only players. Their features, capabilities, aspirations, achievements constitute the strength of the organization. They carry the most important organization’s goals by playing basketball, and wining matches. Other members like coach, manager, physiotherapist have their specific roles, such as supporting and taking care that everything around players is alright, so athletes can focus on playing basketball.

II. Organization description

The Miejski Klub Sportowy Dąbrowa Górnicza is a sporting organization which includes basketball team, founded in 1992 on the initiative of the municipal authorities and teachers of physical education from local school. After years of struggle in regional tournaments, in the season 2003/2004 team made its debut in second polish basketball league. During next few years, under the leadership of present coach - Wojciech W., the Kaka was one of the best four teams in that league, but they do not achieved promotion to Polish national 1st basketball league until the season 2007/2008. Here is also worth to said about some primary goals of the Kaka: aspiring to achieve best results during season (classification to playoffs, promotion to Basket League); gaining interest in the greatest number of fans;

attracting sponsors and investors;
creating the best conditions for training young players, who can be their future; developing various forms of physical culture;

III. Organization specification

Basketball organization and all sporting organizations has some certain characteristics. When we are looking at basketball team like on a business, customers differ a little bit. Therefore, to a greater extent, than in other organizations, is important to the individual to create his individual attitude in the course of their work. In that case, sportsmen’s results are important, but sometimes it would not be enough to attract crowds, and earn money for his team. Fans and sponsors like to see the victory of their team, but most of all, they like to see the full players’ involvement in the game. And if they enjoy team’s matches, they will spend more money on tickets, gadgets etc. That’s the another reason why motivation is so important in that field.

IV. Theory
Motivation is our drive or willingness to do something. In management it is the process through which managers build the desire to be productive and effective in their employees. In my research motivation is measured by some psychological aspects, such as involvement in trainings, ability to concentrate during games – that could have great importance, because if the best player could not concentrate during matches his or her results will be poor; determination to achieve their goals, pleasure from playing basketball, relations with supervisors and teammates, ambitions for self-actualization.

Motivation can be divided into two types:
Intrinsic – which is internal to the every person and is driven by his or her personal interest tor enjoyment. Employees who are intrinsically motivated tend...
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