Motivation for Workers

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Important factors that motivate employees
Business is essential for the economy since the production of services and goods produced by workers stimulates the consumption so that the society accumulates fortune to develop. How to motivate workers to create more fortune is a heated problem facing business today. People in the society work for money to meet basic living needs; therefore, some people believe that salary is the most important factor to motivate workers, while others have different opinions for motivation. That is, there are still other factors that enable employees motivated. This essay will discuss other significant factors that motivate workers, including company rules, supervisors’ behaviors and internal factors. One necessary factor to impel employees is proper company policy and administration. The rules of the company demonstrate the culture of it and tie employees’ value to enterprise value closely. Therefore, workers’ behaviors fit properly to enterprise’ culture that the whole company would be tightly united to achieve business benefits. Flextime programs can increase job satisfaction since workers are on a schedule they prefer instead of a rigid working schedule. It is recommended to set a deadline and let employees spend their working time as will as long as they complete missions on time. For example, if an employee would rather compress the workload into fewer days per week, they are allowed to relax in the rest of the week so that they can put more energy into next mission (Jeff, 2008). In this way, they may feel comfortable to do the work rather than being forced to do that since people have different working habits. Flexible work schedule is also considerate for particular groups of people such as women, who are in need of individual time to commit to their families. A global company may also take culture differences into consideration. It is suggested that individual esteem is not as significant as social recognition, which...
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