Motivation Drivers

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Motivation Drivers. Mc.Clelland’s Theory
McClelland's Human Motivation Theory states that every person has one of three main driving motivators: the needs for achievement, affiliation, or power. These motivators are not inherent; we develop them through our culture and life experiences. This theory can help you to identify the dominant motivators of people on your team. You can then use this information to influence how you set goals and provide feedback, and how you motivate and reward team members. Based on the driving motivators of your workers, structure your leadership style and project assignments around each individual team member. You can use this information to lead, praise, and motivate your team more effectively, and to better structure your team's roles. Dominant Motivator| Characteristics of this Person| How to manage team members| Achievement| * Has a strong need to set and accomplish challenging goals. * Takes calculated risks to accomplish their goals. * Likes to receive regular feedback on their progress and achievements. * Often likes to work alone.| People motivated by achievement need challenging, but not impossible, projects. They thrive on overcoming difficult problems or situations, so make sure you keep them engaged this way. People motivated by achievement work very effectively either alone or with other high achievers.When providing feedback, give achievers a fair and balanced appraisal. They want to know what they're doing right – and wrong – so that they can improve.They prefer either to work alone or with other high achievers| Affiliation| * Wants to belong to the group. * Wants to be liked, and will often go along with whatever the rest of the group wants to do. * Favors collaboration over competition. * Doesn't like high risk or uncertainty.| People motivated by affiliation work best in a group environment, so try to integrate them with a team (versus working alone) whenever possible. They also don't...
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