Motivation at Royal Mail

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Employee motivation is, or at least must be, one of the key issues for directors, managers and personnel managers. The leader must be able to find the sensitive strings of his subordinates, which can be motivated by influencing them to achieve high performance. The correct use of motivation encourages staff to make more efficient use of their knowledge, skills, and talents. In today's turbulent, often chaotic environment, commercial success depends on the employee's talent and effort. Despite the many existing theories and practices, some of the motivation of leaders today remains a mystical term. This is partly due to the fact that people are motivated by different things and techniques. In today's business world the phrase ‘motivation’ is increasingly heard to be described. All companies seeking to maximize profits and minimize costs should try to maximize employee productivity and one of the most optimal ways of doing this is to motivate their employees.


Changes in employee’ attitudes

Research shows that share ownership plan helps to feel the company owners and encourage employees to commit to the firm, so their performance improves. Employee participation, where employees are shareholders, leads to long-term interests of the company. Probably this leads to good corporate governance, which helps to keep the company in the long term.

Changes in employee decision making

Employee participation, where employees are shareholders, promotes long-term interests of the company. Probably this leads to good corporate governance, which helps to keep the company in the long term. Anyone who has company, where employs are the shares, of course, wants to complete enterprise data and participation in company decisions transparent.


Company's shareholders benefit if they know that they have support from other shareholders and their employees who are working towards the same goals. Positive participation of the employee’s based on property rights and related responsibilities can contribute to the strengthening of the company, and offers the opportunity to change the company's strategy would enrich the selection of enterprise solutions to the above restrictions. Shareholders, workers must be given the same rights as other shareholders.


The process of motivation by Frederick Herzberg

Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation states that individual satisfaction is largely dependent on the working principle of responsibility, achievement, recognition, promotion and advancement opportunities, when dissatisfaction - the company's policy and management, subordinates, working conditions, salaries, relationships with colleagues, personal life, status, security. Dissatisfaction triggers are called hygienic. Satisfaction factors still affect the absence of dissatisfaction, however, the employee will not be motivated enough to work, so these factors are called motivators. F Herzberg argues that the factors influencing satisfaction (motivators) are separate from and independent of the influencing factors of dissatisfaction (hygiene). Frederick Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation for its practicality is widely used in many organizations. They create the basis of ‘vertical job enrichment program’, which provided work not only hygienic, but also the motivational characteristics. Work is modified so that employee has the opportunity to experience achievement, recognition, responsibility, promotion and development. According to this, and knowing that this theory is widely used in many work-places, we could say that a share hand-out could actually increase the motivation of Royal Mail’s staff as having more shares would give them more responsibilities as well as

Hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow

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