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a) Reflect on the relevance of 3 theories of motivation in relation to classroom practices.

Motivation is one of the features in the process of teaching and learning. Every individual are guided by some form of motivation which either comes within themselves or by some external influences.

Kleinginna and kleinginna (1981) define motivation as an internal state or condition that serves to activate or energise bahaviour and give it direction.

It is the process of instigating and sustaining goal directed behaviour. It helps us to understand why people have such type of behaviour in certain situations.

Motivation can be discussed from various perspectives such as psychological, instinctual, hedonistic and physiological.

Theories of Motivation
In education more emphasis has been placed on the psychological perspective while referencing to achievement Early perspectives on motivation are based on drive theory, conditioning theory, cognitive theory and humanistic theory. After having gone through some of the theories of motivation we believe that the following theories would be best to use in our field Physical Education. These three theories namely: Attribution

Goal setting
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