Motivation and the Impact on Employee Performance

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 22 (6587 words) Published: April 25, 2012
BHRM001 - Performance and Reward Management

Jamie Gooding (6593259)

Action Learning Report –

Motivation and the impact on employee performance

Executive Summary

The Human Resources department is a core component of any organisation because it plays a significant role in the performance of the employee’s within that organisation. If the Human Resources team is not focused on their main tasks or goals, then difficulty could be encountered by that organisation, particularly during the current challenging economic times. Therefore, it is paramount that best practices in policy and procedure are introduced and maintained by Human Resources departments.

This research paper seeks to explore one of most important aspects of Human Resources, that of employee morale and performance. Specifically, the focus is on what motivates an individual and how this drives someone to perform whilst at work. The paper includes an introduction and brief description of the topic, research methods used and the limitations thereof, outcomes of that research, discussion, conclusions and recommendations. In particular, this paper explores how the understanding of motivational theories can aid managers in increasing employee performance.

There are a number of factors that influence the motivational levels of employees. Firstly, there are the hygiene or inherent work conditions which are largely influenced and controlled by employers. Organisations should know and understand this and put in systems and practices to maintain these conditions. Secondly, there are outside work factors which influence how an employee feels before work and therefore whether they are motivated to perform whilst at work.

However, ultimately the issue of motivation comes down to who the individual is and what their core values are. By identifying these motivating factors there are benefits to both the employer as well as the employee. Employers can ensure that they have the right people in the right roles, whilst employees can feel they their internal needs are being addressed. An employee who is being fulfilled this way is more likely to be happier in their personal life which ultimately is a benefit to all of us as a society.

Executive Summary2
1. Introduction4
1.1 Motivation and Performance4
1.2 Research Undertaken5
1.2.1 Observations5 Self-observation and understanding5 Third-party observations6
1.2.2 Interviews6
1.2.3 Questionnaires7
1.2.4 Expert Assessments Review9
2. Results10
2.1 Positive motivating techniques10
2.2 Negative motivating techniques11
2.3 The effect of pre-work on motivation11
3. Discussion12
3.1 Motivation in a theoretical sense12
3.2 Comparison of theory to results13
4. Conclusions and recommendations18
6. Appendices19
6.1 Third party observations19
6.1.1 Third party observations data collection form19
6.1.2 Summary of results20
6.2 Interview guide and results21
6.2.1 Interview guide form21
6.2.2 Summary of results21
6.3 Self-observation and understanding23
6.4 Graphical analysis of self-observation and understanding25
6.5 Questionnaire to work colleagues26
6.5.1 Questionnaire to work colleagues form26
6.5.2 Summary of results27
6.6 Questionnaire to work subordinates28
6.6.1 Questionnaire to work subordinates form28
6.6.2 Summary of results29
6.7 Hermann Brain Domination Index (HBDI) Profile30
7. References30

1. Introduction
1.1 Motivation and Performance

Motivation can be defined as the force driving an individual’s behaviour in either work or life (Mishra, 2008 p. 406). Essentially, it is the reason why an individual carries out a certain task and involves both emotive (feeling) and cognitive (thinking) aspects. Motivation is a key factor contributing to performance levels of employees at the work place (Mwita, p. 10). Latham (p. 85) shows that there are three aspects of motivation,...

References: Carroll, S & Tosi, H 1977, Organizational Behavior: A contingency approach, St. Clair Press, Chicago, 2006 Interviews, viewed on 16th September 2010,
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