Motivation and Staff Performance in the Civil Service

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Civil service Pages: 10 (3462 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The book examined motivation and job satisfaction in Oyo State Civil Service.It also appraised the existing motivating packages for workers in the state and investigate the effect of staff motivation on job performance in the state. This was neccessited by the need to ensure effective job satisfac- in Oyo State Civil Service. The book made use of questionnaire and simple random sampling method was adopted. The book revealed that Oyo civil servants have low job satisfaction,social relationship with co-workers, careers opportunities for promotion and salaries and wages etcThe book concluded that employees be well motivated by provision of amenities like salaries,bonuses and other entitlement which should be promptly paid to enhance their standard of living

1.1 Background to the Study
According to an axiom of management, people are the most important of all the assets of an organizational set up. The motivation of a worker depends on his needs and desires. The key to motivation is the satisfaction of desires. As long as an individual has an unachieved personal goal, he has the force to motivate him, our behavior consciously or unconsciously, is generally motivate distinctive individual behaviour are to a considerable degree subconscious and therefore not easily susceptible to examination and evaluation. There has been persistent expression of dissatisfaction with the job attitudes and job performance of workers in public sector. This is due to the fact that the job is not attractive to workers. This inadequacy could be traced to the employee’s personal needs, job expectations and or innate states. Employees are usually more productive during a task simply because they want to do it, not because they feel they have to do it. Therefore, it seems evident that people or individuals will be prepared to commit themselves to their job to put in their best effort and loyalty to the job and to work towards the achievement of the organization targets if their goals are met on the job and if they are satisfied with the job. When one is positively motivated, it precipitates positive behavior hence positive performance. According to Musselman and Hughes (1999) morale affects efficiency of operation. Morale is the result of combination of many complex attitudes, workers personal feelings and biases, their values, economic and cultural environment, degree of security physical health, emotional stability, realization of job expectations and the flow of communication between management and the workers. 3

Many authorities believe that production rates are more sharply influenced by morale of the work force than by any other environmental factor. If employees feel that they are treated fairly well and good working conditions are provided, they are likely to have high morale to do their job.1.2 Statement of the Problem The civil service is the instrument through which meaningful development in the country is achieved. This is accomplished when the civil servant uses his acquired skills to formulate and execute government policies geared towards development. However, there is a strong evidence of deterioration about the work standard in the civil service. The behaviours of workers are characterized by such attitudes as laziness, absenteeism, lateness to work, hostility to members of the public; disloyalty and corruption. The expectations of civil servants are not met; hence, there is general laxity and inadequate performance in this sector. It is the general belief of civil servants that their counterparts in the private sector are better off with good standard of living. In view of this, they are not motivated to put in their best. This negative belief has created some problems in the attitude of workers in the civil service which has adversely affected job performance.1.3 Research Question in view of the problem raised, this study is therefore designed to seek answers to the following questions...
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