Motivation and Staff

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Marks & Spencer Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Ways Businesses Motivate Their Staff
Tesco motivates its employees by having flexible working hours and also they have a gym membership that staff can go to. This helps to motivate staff because by having flexible working hours, staff can work at a time that suits them. For, example a single mum can work between her children’s school hours so that she can pick them up from school and stay with them. This suits her better because she can work whilst her children are at school, and then she can look after them as well, so she is making money and looking after her children. Furthermore, staff can go to the gym after work, or when they are not working because Tesco has a membership at a gym, so their staff can use the gym. I think these are good motivating factors because employees can work at Tesco, knowing they can adjust the schedule and shifts to their home lives, so they can benefit as well as the company. (

Another way Tesco can continue to motivate its staff is by having good communications (mayo theory). By having good communications within the business that are good, Tesco’s employees would know they are being listened to. I think this is a good way to motivate a company because then everyone is being listened to and their ideas are taken into consideration, as well as the fact that they can talk to someone if they have any problems. (

Marks and Spencer’s also motivate its employees, by having a benefits package that is available for all employees. This benefit package has rewards, pension, bonuses, employee discounts and more that staff can have to enjoy. This is a good way to motivate staff because this package is one that everyone can benefit from, and is useful for the staff, no matter what their age or experience. I think this is good for motivation because staffs feels like they are important to M&S...
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