Motivation and Service

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Today, customer is the biggest factor for the company to survive, satisfying the customers is a priority in most businesses, Hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries believe it or not, it is one of the demand and the key to be successful is depend on the service and product the business are offering. It is on the customer’s expectation the business. Every business should realize the importance of creating a highly satisfied customer than just satisfying a customer, business should give its best on giving quality service and always exceed to the customer expectations. Hotel H2O is one of the unique and new hotels in the Philippines. It has a different theme and ambiance; it offers multidimensional modern rooms with fascinating and magnificent view at the Manila bay. Unlike other hotels Hotel H2O also offers their unique idea of giving the guests the pleasure and experience of marine life in your own room. While staying in Hotel H2O you can also spend your day enjoying yourself with their aquatic themed entertainments and facilities.

The researchers chooses the topic about “Motivation on service excellence in the Hotel H2O as perceived by the employees” because they would like to know why these employees choose to be in the hotel industry. Is it because of money or they really want to give service and make their guest happy. The researchers also wanted to find out if the employees have the right attitudes in dealing with their clients. The attitudes of the employees is one factor that the employer should consider because, employees attitude will help the hotel be successful and to have service excellence in the future. As we all know, if the employee loves their work they will provide their guest a good service even if there’s nothing in return. The main respondents of the researchers are the employees of the Hotel H2O the questionnaire includes different attitudes of the employees towards their customers. For the profile of the respondents, civil status, gender, age and their position in the hotel are included. The researchers will directly give the questionnaire to the respondents so that if they have any concerns regarding some of the items, it will be explained briefly.

Background of the Study
Hotel H2O is a subsidiary of China Oceans Philippines Inc, the company that also owns Manila Ocean Park. The hotel was built on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Ocean Park Complex, to be able to capture the whole park goers from sunrise to sunset, adding accommodations in the complex aside from various park attractions. Hotel H2O was opened to the public in April 2010 and was first run by its General Manager, Christopher Legaspi and Director of Finance, Jerry Miranda, who were both seasoned hoteliers. The biggest event held in Hotel H2O during its 1st year of operations was the coronation night of Ms. Earth Philippines 2010, where Hotel H2O hosted the event from room accommodations, various Ms. Earth activates and daily competition. Hotel H2O has 147 rooms with various room categories such as Parkview Room facing the famous Water Fountain Show, Aquarium Room where guests are delighted to have a floor to ceiling fish aquarium and Bay view Room that will amaze the guest of the famous Manila Sunset. Hotel H2O is a member of the WORLDHOTELS, an association of independent luxury hotels in the world. Manila, with its rich history, tourist attractions and spectacular sunset, offers an idyllic escape into a tropical island world. The City, located in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, is just two hours away from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. In June 2009, China Oceans Philippines will open the first aquarium-themed urban resort hotel in the Philippines. Great care is being taken to ensure that the architecture blends harmoniously with its natural environment, combining the virtues of comfort and elegance with traditional Philippine design and...
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