Motivation and Self-Worth

Topics: English-language films, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Motivation and Self-Worth - How Do These Play Together Hand in Hand: Discussion on the Study by Psychology Martin V. Covington at Berkley University Motivation and self-worth; how do these play together hand in hand? Martin V. Covington, a psychology professor at the Berkley University answered this question and many more in a study he conducted in 1984 with a group of elementary students. This study was then published in the Elementary School Journal. Martin V. Covington conducted his studies on motivation and self-worth to see if he could implicate his research into the classroom. His self-worth theory assumes that a great part of classroom achievements come from a student’s own personal value or self-worth. Ones’ personal value is said to come from a number of different factors. For example; ones’ ability to do something and do it well will result in that individual having a high self-worth or personal value. Students can be placed in 2 main categories for self-worth. One category would be success oriented students. These individuals grew up being rewarded for all the outstanding things they accomplished and their parents or teachers would then ignore the tasks where the student fell below standards. Another category could contain students who were punished for the tasks they completed that were not up to standards and their parents and teachers would ignore the tasks or accomplishments that individual had that were well above standards. In the second category, the students tend to be more self-doubting and very reluctant to try and succeed. This could be the case unless that student felt on a particular task the odds of them succeeding were very high, or the task at hand was something they genuinely want to excel at. The success oriented students on the other hand tend to work on tasks that will provide the biggest reward or even praise. These individuals tend to stray away from tasks that would be easily accomplished simply because the reward or praise...
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