Motivation and Points

Topics: Motivation, Management, Leadership Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Name: _______________________________________________________________ 1. (2 points) False: Effective managers are always true leaders.  2. (4 points) Upper management at Tupelo Foods determined that there would be no end-of-year bonuses due to declining sales. Sherry, a department manager, let her staff know that even those high-performing employees would not get bonuses this year. This change limited what type of power for Sherry?  A. Legitimate

B. Reward
C. Coercive
D. Referent
E. Expert
3. (4 points) Which of the following traits distinguishes effective leaders from other people?  A. material possessions
B. education
C. self-confidence
D. introversion
4. (4 points) Actions taken to ensure that the work group or organization reaches its goals are referred to as  A. task performance behaviors.
B. organization structures.
C. group maintenance behaviors.
D. chain of commands.
E. autocratic leadership.
5. (4 points) What are some differences between managers and leaders? Managers have employees, react to change and have ideas. Leaders have followers, create teams and create change

6. (2 points) True or false: From everything we have learned about leadership, we know that leaders are born, not made, so it does no good to learn about developing leadership skills. 7. (2 points) True or false: According to the situational theories of leadership, the best way to lead is to analyze the situation first, then act. 8. (2 points) True or false: A Level 5 Leader, according to Jim Collins, has strong professional will and personal humility. 9. (2 points) True or false: In goal-setting theory, people have conscious goals that energize them and direct them. 10. (2 points) The most powerful goals are ________acceptable_________ to the employee. 11. (4 points) SMART goals are:

A. Simple, Measurable, Analytic, Reasonable, and True
B. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Based, Time-Specific C....
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