Motivation and Personality

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Sports psychology

Personality and Motivation.

P1. Personality is the sum of those characteristics that make a person unique. Personality has been defined as "an individual's characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour, together with the psychological mechanisms. Personality has many different characteristics that make an individual different to others these can be positive and negative for example being shy can be a negative effect on sport as you don’t give yourself enough motivation or even motivation to others, however being confident in sports can benefit them as individuals and the people around them as you can motivate others as your confident to do that. These are called characteristics. Personality has many different theories and views, the ones I will mention are Martens Schematic view, Psychodynamic theory, Trait theory, Situational approach and Interactional approach. Marten’s Schematic view:

Personality is seen as having three different levels that are related to each other: • Psychological core
• Typical responses
• Role-related behaviour

Psychological core is bottom of the Martens Schematic view grid. The psychological core happens constantly its what you are like for real, its your attitudes toward things, your beliefs and interests of what you are doing, this all happens from inside the brain as it send demands to the rest of the body. This is internal as only you can control them. Typical responses is the middle of the base of the grid, typical responses is external as you cant control them as it’s the environment around you and what situation you find yourself in, and how you will react to the situation you find yourself in for example will it improve performance in sports or will it have a negative factor on it this is all due to the responses and the external thoughts. This links to psychological core as it’s the response you have to it when something happens, for example in a game of football the weather could be very bad and windy this would be external which can effect the match and players, and the players could find themselves in bad situations throughout the match then their minds switch off due to the weather and then you find your psychological core giving you different attitudes to the game which could lead to a role related behaviour, the outcome of the match being very bad, as they could make the wrong decisions.

The psychodynamic approach says that personality is made up of conscious and unconscious parts. Instinctive drive which is also known as ID, this is unconscious, this makes you do things without thinking about them for example if you were in a game your mind can make the wrong decisions for example giving someone a bad pass or doing a very bad tackle. However you can be conscious and find your super ego taking over your thoughts and feeling about a big game or a big situation your in, for example if you were to take a penalty in football, your conscious will take over as you will be nervous about if you will score or miss and let the team down, this is all down to your super ego.

The next theory is trait theory. Trait theory is something you’re born with and is inherited at birth; also it will also stay the same due to genetics. Trait theory has got different ways of comparing personality, one theory was made by Eysenck, this man put personality into four different categories these are Neurotic, Extrovert, Introvert and Stable. Neurotic is a person that is unpredictable which means that one week they could play outstanding and the next week like could play dreadful, the next one is Extrovert, this is different types of characteristics these are loud, outgoing and confident, however Introverts are the shy and quiet types, these people who are highly concentrated. Stable is people you can rely on that will give a good performance all the time, they are predictable. For example Joey Barton is more a neurotic and extroverted sportsman as he is loud and...
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