Motivation and Future

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Victoria Maldonado
College Skills

Motivators are what keep people going and allow them to achieve their goals in life. Personally, my motivator is knowing that once I get my degree in college I will have a good job and a good income. Also, after I finish college, I can begin to work with children, which is my dream. Once I become successful a great desire of mine is to start a family. My desires in the future are what motivate me to do well in all of my studies and for my future.

To begin with, knowing that after I finish college I will have a degree is a big motivator. I will be very successful in the future, if I keep my motivator in mind. I will be able to get a good job and a good income because with a degree there are more available opportunities. This is what desires me most because I want to be successful. If I use my academic responsibility and plan ahead I will be successful in achieving my degree.

Additionally, working with children is a desire because that it what I want to do for my career. Being about to help children is what motivators me because it is something I desire. I want to be able to make a difference in a child’s life. This motivates me because the children are going to be the next generation and I want to help them gain knowledge for their future. This desire of helping children is what I will do in the future.

Furthermore, a desire I have is to have a family someday. Once I finish all of my studies and begin my career that is my next step in life. This is my desire because it something I have always looked forward to. I want to have a good life for my children and be happy with everything in my life. My motivators are what will make me happy for the future.

In conclusion, motivators are going to help achieve my desires. Getting a degree after college is a big thing that I desire. Also, working with children in the future is what I want to do. Having these dreams motivate me to continue to do well in school, so I can be...
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