Motivation and Employees

Topics: Motivation, Employment, ManaGeR Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: October 8, 2012
HCS 325/ Week 4
April 9, 2012
Megan Elkington
University of Phoenix
HCS 325/ Week 4
April 9, 2012
Megan Elkington
University of Phoenix

Motivation can be a very powerful thing. It is used to give individuals accountability, direction, persistence and more effort in what they are doing or trying to achieve. An employee who is highly motivated works hard and their job and shows enjoyment in what they are doing. As a health care manager you play a large role in how motivated your employees are in doing assigned tasks, reaching goals along with daily duties. As a health care manager I would implement the following motivational method techniques in order to keep good productivity, satisfied employees and good team work skills.

One motivational technique that I would use is motivation through self- confidence. When individuals have a high level of self- confidence and self- esteem it reflects in a positive way in all that they do. I would use various techniques like implementing passion and pleasure in what they do at work. Giving rewards helps employees to want to do more they are pleasing and help to keep employees eager to work while it also keeps productivity high. Recognizing and giving performance incentives gives employees a more willingness desire to give more to the company while earning something for these selves. As a manger being clear not only the job duties they are responiable for but also in the instructions that I am giving helos employees to understand my expecitations, giving detailed instructions, including being specific in what my expectations are gives a clear cut expectation on what I am expecting out of my staff. Keeps employees not only informed but it eliminates confusion.

Setting long term and short term goals both help to guide employees in what is they are reaching for and it also gives them some accountability along with receiving incentives for accomplishing the goals they set. It also gives a...

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