Motivation and Cohesion in today’s workforce

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Motivation and Cohesion in today’s workforce
and recommendations for the
Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro

Prepared for
Mr. Eric Wang, Owner,
Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro

Prepared by
Roger Ge, Employee
Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro

Aug 1st, 2013

Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro
To: Eric Wang, Owner, Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro
Cc: Gerald Horne, instructor, School of Business, Kwantlen Polytechnic University From: Roger Ge, Employee, Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro
Date: Aug 1st, 2013
Subject: Prohibiting revenue decrease at Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro
Here is a proposal that we discussed about training and motivation plan for the employees, and how to prohibit revenue decreasing as soon as possible because the Ajo-Taro has risk of bankrupt in this year. This proposal includes both primary research using personal interview with you and secondary research using professional and scholarly journals and books. Based on the interview with Leo Zhang, I knew that the revenue of Ajo-Taro Japanese bistro has decreased from $9600 to $5800 per month because the restaurant is losing the qualified employees, and even customers. Ajo-Taro does not have effective training and motivation programs for employees. Managers and supervisors could use these programs to train and motivate employees. Recommendations for increasing the revenue at Ajo-Taro bistro include developing training plan of stimulating motivation and increasing cohesion for employees in Ajo-Taro, through these programs; we hope more qualified employees are willing to stay for restaurant, so these employees can help Ajo-Taro to earn money. I appreciate to you for giving me lots of information about Ajo-Taro Japanese bistro and a chance for developing some human resource management programs. Your advices really helped me a lot to complete this proposal. Please contact with me if this proposal have some problems or need additional information, I would be happy to discuss and edit. Roger Ge

Employee, Ajo-Taro Japanese Bistro
Table of contents

Executive Summary

Purposes of the proposal

The purposes of this proposal are to analyze the problems of Ajo-Taro Japanese bistro, figure out the solution for dealing with the problems, and develop a long-term training program for the restaurant. Explain why employees need motivation and cohesiveness.

Compare and contrast a successful example of restaurant identify strategies or techniques. Identify strategies or techniques that organizations can use to motivate their employees. Develop training program model for stimulating employee’s motivation and cohesion. Motivation and Cohesion in workforce

Researches from professional and scholarly journals and personal interview showed that a small business needs employee’s motivation and cohesion because both could stimulate maximum productivity of Ajo-Taro. On the contrary, lack of motivation and cohesion could lead the revenue to keep down, and even Ajo-Taro will be faced to bankrupt in time because employees have different value, and they are motivated by different things. From this point, a completed and detailed training program for stimulating motivation and fostering cohesiveness is important to Ajo-Taro. For stimulating motivation and increasing cohesion, communication, trust, and praise are core elements for the Ajo-Taro’s new training program, through this new training program, Ajo-Taro could help employees to develop new value of working. Recommendations for keeping qualified Employees

Recommendations for keeping qualified employees include:
Analyze every employee and give them proper jobs.
Stimulate employees’ motivation.
Increase properly work load for finding our most excellent employees. Decrease restaurant’s operation time.
Increase employees’ cohesiveness
Have a nice competition working environment and consciousness of training next...
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