Motivation Action Plan

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Self-determination theory Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan
June 30, 2013

Motivation is the process that determines how hard an individual works to achieve a goal. There are several modern theories of motivation that will help managers meet the motivational needs of their employees. Using the most appropriate theory of motivation will ensure that the motivational strategy and action plan selected will be effective and achieve the desired results. Keeping employees motivated will help the organization run smoothly and efficiently.

Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan
Of the several modern motivational theories that are currently used, three have been selected to create a motivational action plan for the Riordan employees. Each plan is designed to help motivate the individual employee and keep them functioning at their highest level of quality. The motivational theory that has been selected for Jami is the self-determination theory. This theory is based on the belief that people need or want to control their own actions. The motivational action plan follows this theory by giving Jami some decision-making power. The action plan also offers verbal acknowledgment of the work that she performs. These actions will help keep Jami motivated and encourage her to strive for greater success. The motivational theory that best fits with the personality characteristics of Breana is the goal-setting theory. This theory focuses on the belief that by giving an employee challenging, but attainable, goals they will be more motivated to achieve those goals. Following along with that theory the motivational strategy for Breana is to help her set specific goals and to then reward her for achieving those goals. By giving Breana a specific goal and then rewarding her for reaching it, we can maintain a high level of focus and continued growth from her. The motivational theory that has been selected for Nate is the equity theory. This theory is also known as...
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