Topics: Personality psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Arousal Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: May 24, 2015
Motivation (Week 2)
I’ve never thought motivation as so important to the tourism before the moment I saw the relative details that have been reflected to the screen during the lecture.

In my own words, motivation is some sort of power that lead you to move. It reminds me a scenario, when we saw the amazing facilities of Dream World on the YouTube during the break of class, they just can’t wait to jump into the roller coaster. And this sort of power of motivation finally led us to the gate of Dream World two days later.

It is true that motivation always came out with some rewards, because the motivation is what lead you to the rewards that you want. And repetitive action-reward combination can cause the action to become a habit. My parents really like have a little trip to some sort of national parks during the weekend. Obviously, they got similar motivation, but my mum more likely to take some photos and my dad prefer to do hiking along the way. Anyway, they got different rewards that lead them having a similar motivation, and that really become a habit because they post the photos to me every week now.

Personalities, past experiences and lifestyles which are all can be the factor that shaping tourist’s motivation. And everyone can be a combination of several specific attributes of personality, I was really shocked when I saw the characters in the Disney all got their own combination of personalities. I’m the ENFJ by the way which the same as Lion King, haw-haw. Are personality types culturally determined?

I really start to think about that when I saw that on the screen and I think the answer is partly yes, but just affected not determined. Generally, we can see it from the cultural differences between western and eastern, people in western seems more likely to hang out or having party, dancing and drinking, while people in eastern are more likely to having family activities. That’s why western people are little more Extravert while...
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