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How to motivate
MA TESOL (Oxford),CELTA(Cambridge),MA
Eng(Punjab),PGD TEFL (AIOU)

Objective (WALT)

What is motivation?

 Types of motivation.
Teachers should be able to identify their
and role as a motivator in a learning

 To gain some tips to motivate students in
the class room.

Intrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic motivation means that the individual's motivational stimuli are coming from within. The individual has the desire to perform a specific task, because its results are in accordance with his belief system or fulfills a desire and therefore importance is attached to it.

Our deep-rooted desires have the highest motivational power. Below are some examples:

• Acceptance: We all need to feel that we, as well as our decisions, •

are accepted by our co-workers.
Curiosity: We all have the desire to be in the know.
Honor: We all need to respect the rules and to be ethical.
Independence: We all need to feel we are unique.
Order: We all need to be organized.
Power: We all have the desire to be able to have influence. Social contact: We all need to have some social interactions. Social Status: We all have the desire to feel important.

Extrinsic Motivation
Extrinsic motivation means that the individual's motivational stimuli are coming from outside. In other words, our desires to perform a task are controlled by an outside source. Note that even though the stimuli are coming from outside, the result of performing the task will still be rewarding for the individual performing the task.

Extrinsic motivation is external in nature. The most well-known and the most debated motivation is money. Below are some other examples:

• Employee of the month award
• Benefit package

Pair work

Tips to motivate the
• Begin the day with a morning meeting

Begin the day with a morning meeting
in which students and teachers sit in a
circle, greet one another by name. This
Responsive Classroom daily routine
builds a sense of community, creates a
positive climate for learning, and
reinforces academic and social skills

• Treat students with respect. Students

who are treated with respect are much
more likely to be motivated to do
requested work than they are if the
work is simply demanded as a
teacher's "right." Students who are
treated with respect also will respect
you too and try harder to meet -- or
exceed -- your expectations.

• Students who understand what is

expected of them are more motivated
to meet those expectations. Make clear
to your students what is expected of
them in your classroom and in every
lesson and assignment.

• Create enthusiasm and interest by
engaging students in yearlong
themes that incorporate a variety
of cross-curricular activities.

• Students can become very passionate

about a project they have strong feelings
about. Invite them to create a "passion
list" of the people, places and things they
love -- and hate. Or ask them to stand up
and talk for two minutes about their likes
or dislikes. (They can't name another
student or a teacher.) Then tie your
activities to students' interests.

• Having a hard time motivating students

to do their homework? Try the
"homework wave." On days when every
student has completed the homework
assignment, invite them to take out
their best assignment sheets and wave
them just as they would wave their
arms at a sporting event.

• As often as possible, give students control

over their own work. That can be
accomplished in several ways -- from
allowing students to choose between
different assignments, activities, or projects;
between working alone, with a partner, or in
groups; between teacher, peer, or self
evaluation of their progress and/or final

• Active and participatory learning activities, including simulations, computer-based activities, games, and...
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