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Mary Clarisse S. Panton Ma’am Catherine Derige BS-Tourism 1A General Psychology

The term motivation is derived from the word motive. Motive in latin words means movere or motivum which means to move. We use the concept motivation to explain all the aspects of behavior. Motivation is the process that moves directs human behavior. It is a state of condition that activates behavior and gives direction. It is a process of initiating, sustaining and directing the activities of an individual to achieve his goal. Motives

The word motive comes from the Latin words motivus, meaning moving, and movere, meaning to move. Think of motive as the thing that moves you to act. Needs
In psychology, an urgent basic need pressing for satisfaction, usually rooted in some physiological tension, deficiency, or imbalance (e.g., hunger and thirst) and impelling the organism to action. Some researchers have used the term need synonymously, although others distinguish between need as the deprived state and drive as its psychological manifestations Drive

An aroused state of psychological tension that typically arises from a need. A drive, such as hunger or thirst, motivates the organism to act in ways that will reduce the tension. So, for example, when you become hungry (tension caused by need for food) you are motivated to eat (method of reducing the tension). Goal

Goal is a substance, object or situation that satisfies a need. All motivation is directed to goal.
At this time, his need is reduced or eliminated at least temporarily.

Origin of Motives
Motives originated from two sources, namely Biological (Physiological) and Environmental. Human body needs these biological needs for nourishment and survival. The biological needs stared in ancient time dating back to the time of Adam and Eve – when they were search for food and water in order to get nourishment & survive. Motives also come to environmental sources. Due to the presence of machines, equipment, gadgets & appliances, most of which are high-tech, people are motivated to acquire some of these inventions to satisfy their needs. Cycle of motivation

Physiological Needs
1. Food –Food is a nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. 2. Water- The substance necessary for survival.
3. Oxygen- Our body, especially the brain, lungs, tissues and other internal organs need oxygen for their functioning and activity. If we do not breathe air for 15 seconds or more our body cells might die. 4. Shelter- Our body must be protected and secured for temperature and other external stimuli. 5. Medicines- We need medicines to treat our illness, pain and injury and to reduce discomfort. 6. Rest- ceases work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. 7. Elimination- Our body needs to eliminate liquid and solid wastes to obtain relief. 8. Sex – is a normal biological urge of an organism. It is for reproduction and personal gratification. 9. Normal Temperature – Our body needs adequate and proper ventilation. Psychosocial Needs

1. Love – It is a very powerful need because it is a basic emotion in a man. We need to be loved and to love. 2. Security and Safety – An individual who feels secure and safe can work and function well at home and community. This security may be physical, emotional and social security. 3. Acquisition – This is the need to gain possession and property. 4. Conservation – This is a need to collect things, the need to repair destroyed equipment & materials and to clean and preserve those things acquired by the individual. 5. Order- This is a need to arrange and organize objects in their proper order. 6. Construction- This is the need to build up or put up something: the need to organize a thing. 7. Achievement-This is a need to strive to do something difficult as well...
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